Chapter 4

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No one's pov

"It's only been a month. I don't think it's possible for someone to have feelings for a person they've never met before and have only been talking to for a month." Lauren vented to her best friend Normani

"Lo, love is a weird thing. Don't doubt yourself." Normani said

"I just...I'm scared Mani" Lauren breathed out as she ran a hand through her hair "I've never felt this way for anyone before, and I've never even met Camila."

"I know, I've never seen you this hung up on a girl before and I've known you since 5th grade." Normani said sympathetically

"She's just so perfect" Lauren groaned "why does she have to be so fucking perfect?"

"You think she's perfect?" Normani laughed "that's adorable"

"Perfect doesn't even begin to describe her Manibear."

"Well I don't know her, tell me about her" Mani said honestly wanting to know about the girl that has her best friend so whipped

"She's gorgeous. I didn't even see what she looked like until a couple days ago but oh my god. She's the most beautiful girl in the world. She has the cutest little nose and perfectly imperfect teeth. Her eyes...I've never really been a fan of brown eyes until her, they give a whole new meaning to brown eyes. They're more than just brown, they're golden and just absolutely breathtaking..." Lauren trailed off as she got distracted by the thought of the younger girls eyes

"Earth to Lauren" Normani said waving her hand in front of Lauren's face gaining her attention

"Sorry, what was I talking about?" Lauren asked


"Oh right" Lauren blushed "she's more than just beautiful on the outside, she's amazing on the inside as well. She's funny, but in a cute way because her jokes are so terrible that you can't help but to laugh. She's compassionate, like she really gets into things when she's interested. One time we had a whole conversation about love and-"

"Hold up." Normani cut Lauren off "so you're telling me you had a conversation about love with your crush?"

Lauren nodded

"How ironic." She said with a straight face

"Shut up." Lauren blushed "she had a lot to say about it because she's never been in love but she has this whole idea of how magical love should be" She explained

"She's never been in love before and yet she has this huge opinion on it?"

"Yeah, she's never even been in a relationship before" Lauren said

"Oh god, you really have to step up your game then" Normani said with wide eyes

"What why?" Lauren asked, genuinely confused "she doesn't have anything to compare to"

"That's the point, you have to give her the best possible first relationship ever. If you can even get that far" Normani half joked at the end

"Well she already has this whole idea of how it should be, so I already know how she wants to be treated, and I'll obviously treat her right. And thanks" Lauren said glaring at her friend

"Anytime Lo" Normani said sarcastically

"But anyways, like I was saying earlier. She's really compassionate and it's amazing. We both could talk for hours on hours about the smallest things and I love it. She has great taste in music, and she's really caring. What more could I ask for?" Lauren said continuing on the earlier topic

"That's great. She sounds amazing, and I'm glad you got the wrong number and found her if I'm being honest" Normani said rolling her eyes "I never liked that Sarah girl and I don't know how you ever thought she was cute."

"To be honest I forgot about Sarah until now. I guess Camila has that affect" Lauren chuckled

"Yeah well I got to go. I have a chem test tomorrow first period" Normani said rolling her eyes again

"Ok, I'll see you in pre calc then?" Lauren asked

"Definitely" Normani said before getting up to leave

After exchanging hugs and the friendly 'I love you's' Normani left the Jauregui household and Lauren was left to herself. P

After contemplating it for about 10 minutes, Lauren pulled out her phone and clicked on Camila's contact and hit the call button. After a few rings she picked up




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