Chapter 5

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"Lauren?" Camila's soft voice ran through the speakers of Lauren's phone

"Camz." Lauren stated letting out a deep breath as her face broke into a face eating grin

"So that's what you sound like" Lauren could just tell she was smiling on the other side of the phone

"And that's what you sound like" Lauren said back

Not knowing what to say, the conversation got quiet and extremely awkward

"You have a beautiful voice" Lauren spoke up

"Not as beautiful as you" Camila countered causing Lauren to blush

"Stopppp" Lauren whined

"Only if you stop being so gorgeous." Camila said attempting to be smooth "wait no! Don't do that!" She quickly said causing Lauren to laugh

"Babe don't worry about it. I knew what you meant." Lauren said through giggles

"You know I think I like hearing you call me that soooo much more than through text." Camila admitted shyly

"Well I guess we're gonna have to talk on the phone more" Lauren smirked


After a 2 hour long conversation, the girls finally decided it was time to go to bed since they both had things to do the next day.

Camila lay on her bed, staring up at the ceiling as she thought of the past month.

How is it that in her 18 years of life no one has ever made her feel the way Lauren has in the past month. Sure, she's had crushes before but they were simple ones that went away after a month at most. She never even thought of them as anything more than thinking they were cute, she didn't even want them to be near her if she was honest. And yet with Lauren she dreams of being held by her, what it would be like to kiss her lips, how it would feel to have her hand in her own, and so much more. And she's never even met her before.

Why is Lauren so different?


Lauren was doing the same thing as Camila, laying in bed and thinking of the other girl. She wondered how she could possibly be falling for someone she has yet to meet and whether this girl was falling for her as well.

Unlike Camila, Lauren felt kind of shitty about it. She started doubting herself and that she knew anything about this girl, and yet she's already falling for her. She knows it's more than a physical attraction to Camila but what if she's not even gay or bi? What if she's straight? Or even worse, what if she has a boyfriend...

She would have mentioned that right?


Lolo🙈: Camz, I need to ask you something

Camz🍑: Okay...

Lolo🙈: do you have a boyfriend?


Lolo🙈: why the laughing faces?

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