Chapter 9

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"Lo why are you so happy?" Ally asked her friend who's had the biggest smile on her face all day

"You know how I told you I've been talking to that girl that I accidentally texted?" Lauren asked, smile growing even more

"Well how can I not, you literally always talk about her yet won't even tell me her full name it's always "Camz this Camz that" like what does 'Camz' stand for?"

"Her name is Karla but she likes to go by her middle name Camila so I call her Camz for short" Lauren explained

"Wait, Camila? As in an adorable Cuban girl with a killer pout Camila?" Ally asked finally putting the pieces together

"Yeah why?" Lauren questioned

"I know her" Ally said furrowing her eyebrows

"You do!?"

"She's actually one of my best friends. I was at her house the other day and she was super excited about this girl- OH MY GOD LO YOU'RE THE GIRL" Ally shouted hitting Lauren in the shoulder

"What girl? And stop hitting me Allysus" Lauren questioned as she rubbed her shoulder

"The girl that Mila's crazy for!" The shorter girl exclaimed as if it were the most obvious thing in the world

"Well I mean she's a little weird but I wouldn't call her-"

"No" Ally interrupted her "she's crazy for you as in she REALLY likes you."

"Really? As in really really? Because in that case I really like her too. Like a lot." Lauren smiled

"Awe Lo" Ally squealed as she started jumping up and down "I can't believe you're falling for Mila!"

"Ally I hate to break it to you but I've already fallen for her" Lauren said causing Ally to fall back on the couch behind her

"No freaking way" she exclaimed "this is perfect! You're perfect for each other!" The small girl squealed again

"But there's only one problem that I hadn't really thought about till now.." The green eyed girl brought up

"What's that?"

"She doesn't really know about my um...that" she said gesturing to her crotch

"Lo you haven't told her yet?" Ally sighed

"No. It's not like I could have just said it like 'oh hey Camz by the way I have a dick and it's kinda huge'" she joked

"Well there's no need to be conceited" Ally scoffed

"Ally I'm being serious here, what if she gets freaked out by it?" Lauren worried

"To be honest, I kinda guessed that Mila was gay but she's one of those innocent gays that don't know what to do. Like I don't think she even masturbates so I don't think she'd know what to do if you had a vagina so this might actually be easier for her to deal with"

"Ugh why did you have to bring up her masturbating" Lauren groaned as she grabbed the pillow next to her and put it on her lap

"I told you I was being honest"

"What ever happened to little innocent Ally?"

"Troy happened" Ally winked suggestively


Lern Jergi: do you take the bus

Camzi the loml: yeah why

Lern jergi: don't today

Camzi the loml: please tell me you're picking me up because I don't want to walk

Lern jergi: I don't have class all week, wanna get some ice cream?

Camzi the loml: only if there's banana toppings!

Lern jergi: of course, and if not then I'll buy you all the bananas your heart desires

Camzi the loml: ily

Lern jergi: not this again



Lauren pulled into the parking lot of Camila's school and texted her

Lern jergi: I don't really know where I am but I'm in a parking lot

Camzi the loml: Lo there's like 4 parking lots

Lern jergi: I'll just meet you at the front then

Camzi the loml: ok <3

Lern jergi: I have a surprise for you btw

Camzi the loml: Ugh Lo I hate surprises

Lern jergi: you'll like this one though

Camzi the loml: whatever you say

Lern jergi: ;)

The black haired girl started walking to the front of the school, surprise in hand




Schools finally over and all the teenagers start rushing out of the school, few giving Lauren funny looks

Out of no where the smaller Cuban girl ran up and jumped on Lauren's back

"What's my surprise!" She yelled out

"Well maybe if you got off my back and let me turn around I could give you the surprise" the green eyed girl laughed

"Ugh fine but you're giving me a piggy back ride to your car" she whined

"Deal" Lauren said as Camila climbed off her back and allowed her to turn around

"So I saw this while I was at the store and it reminded me of you so I got it and well yeah.." She nervously said as she handed the other girl a The 1975 crew neck

"Lo I love it!" The younger girl stated as she wrapped her arms around her waist and hugged her

"Good because I got myself a t shirt and I thought this way you wouldn't steal my shirt" Lauren laughed as she showed the other girl her The 1975 shirt she was wearing

"Oh no I'm taking that too" Camila smirked and turned Lauren around to jump on her back "but right now I want ice cream"

And so Lauren carried her to her car so she could get her girl some ice cream



Since all of you were asking about Ally...


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