Chapter 13

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Friday, 10:00 am

Camzi the loml: Loloooo

Lern jergi: yes love?

Camzi the loml: I'm hungry, you should bring a pizza to my school and we can have lunch together

Camzi the loml: pls

Lern jergi: lol of course. What times your lunch?

Camzi the loml: 10:45

Lern jergi: okay, I'll be there. Do I just walk in to your school or do you meet me somewhere?

Camzi the loml: just walk in, the secretary likes me so she'll think it's cute

Lern jergi: okay. See you in a little bit babe

Camzi the loml: I love you

Lern jergi: I love you too baby girl



*buzz noise*

"I'm here to bring Camila Cabello her lunch" Lauren spoke into the buzzer, waving to the security camera and pointing out the pizza box so she could be let in to the school

*buzz noise*

"Come right in" the woman at the secretary desk spoke

Lauren opened the door and walked into the school, heading straight for the office

"Hi" Lauren spoke when she walked in through the door, gaining the older woman's attention

Jane. That was the woman's name according to her name tag. She had dark brown hair, turning grey, light brown eyes and a slightly wrinkly face

"Hello" Jane replied "you're here for Camila right?" She asked

"Yes, I was wondering if it'd be okay if I took the pizza to her and stayed for her lunch period" the younger girl asked hopefully, smiling widely to show the woman that she wasn't trouble

"Of course sweetheart, tell Camila I said hi for me would ya?" Jane smiled back

"Thank you. I will." Lauren replied before turning on her hells and heading straight down the hall, following the signs to the cafeteria

As she walked down the halls, she looked around noticing the artwork.

Lauren loves art. Always has, always will. Any form, she loves it all. So it was no surprise that she spaced out for a few minutes staring along the walls.

She jumped out of her daze when she got cat called

"Hey baby, my names Austin. What's yours?" The tall, partially attractive boy asked

Lauren internally groaned. If only all these teenage boys who've hit on her knew that she had a bigger dick than their egos.

"Lauren." She rolled her eyes

"Pretty name for a pretty girl" the annoying boy winked "what are you doing here, I've never seen you before. And trust me, I would've noticed you."

"Gonna fucking beat your ass if you don't leave me the hell alone. That's what I'm doing." Lauren practically spat at him before walking away

"Well damn" the boy muttered behind her "she's got an ass too"

"And a dick bigger than yours" Lauren yelled back, flipping the boy off from behind her


Finally reaching the cafeteria, Lauren instantly searched for her girlfriend. She noticed the younger girl sitting alone, eyes bright but a sad face.

The green eyed girl instantly worried and ran up behind the younger girl, dropping the box of pizza on the table and picking her up off the bench from behind

"LAUREN!" Camila screamed out, causing a few of her classmates to look her way

"Yes?" Lauren mumbled into the girls neck before kissing it gently

"I can't believe you actually brought me pizza" she laughed as the talked girl finally placed her back on the bench

"I'd do anything for you, you know that." Lauren stated, taking a seat next to her girlfriend

"Anything huh?" Camila questioned with a smirk


"Feed me." Camila said with a straight face

"Okay" Lauren shrugged, picking up a piece of pizza and bringing it to the other girls mouth "open up"

Camila opened her mouth and was fed slice by slice by her girlfriend. After two slices of pizza, Lauren grabbed one for herself and ate it.

The couple attracted many gazes throughout the lunch period as they giggled, cuddled and kissed. Neither one of them cared though, Camila was having the best day she had ever had in a high school, and Lauren just loved spending time with her girlfriend no matter what they did together.

Eventually lunch had to come to an end though

"Please don't go" the brown eyed girl whined against her girlfriends chest

"I have to" Lauren smiled "but how about I pick you up later and we have a movie day?" She suggested

"I have homework" the other girl whined

"I'll help you?" She offered

"Really? Yay!" Camila jumped up and down, kissing her girlfriend 3 or 4 times on the lips in the process

Lauren laughed and hugged her girlfriend goodbye, about to walk away when she remembered something

"Oh by the way, Jane said hi"



I love it when you guys comment omg you guys are hilarious, it honestly makes my day.

Oh and what's up with all the Camila hate online lately like Jesus fuck.

I was about to fight this bitch online because she actually was running a hate page for Camila. Like what the actual fuck. I know she's done some things that can upset some people but seriously, this girl hated her because she's 'dating' Shawn and she loves Shawn.

People are just going too far with all the hate and seriously, if they don't stop then they're gonna be the reason the band breaks up.

- Jordan

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