Chapter 16

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Lern jergi: I had a great time with you today <3 thank you for coming over

Camzi the loml: I had a great time too, we should do stuff like that hat more often

Lern jergi: of course

Camzi the loml: my mom told me that she really likes you today

Lern jergi: really!? That's great!!

Camzi the loml: yeah, so she wants you to come over for dinner on Christmas Eve if that's okay with you?

Lern jergi: that'll work out perfectly because I have to spend Christmas with my family but I'm free on Christmas Eve

Camzi the loml: haha I can show you my room ;)

Lern jergi: haven't I seen your room before?

Camzi the loml: idk tbh but I can show you again?

Lern jergi: lol okay whatever you want Camz

Camzi the loml: yay

Lern jergi: do you think your mom would let you spend the night the night before Christmas Eve?

Camzi the loml: I don't see why not

Lern jergi: okay good, I was thinking that we could have our own Christmas on that day and do cute couple Christmas stuff

Camzi the loml: I'd love that Lo

Lern jergi: me too


The sleepover (Friday, a week before Christmas)

"You have a really nice apartment Lauser" Dinah complimented the older girl before jumping on her couch and grabbing the tv remote

"Thanks Dinah" Lauren replied, turning to her girlfriend and muttering "well I guess we don't have to worry about her feeling uncomfortable"

Camila giggled, knowing just how her best friend is at other people's homes

"Mani and Ally have already been here before so they'll be here any minute and do exactly what Dinah did" Lauren warned the younger girl

"Okay, so the biggest problem tonight is most likely going to be Dinah and Normani talking about Beyoncé" Camila joked

"You don't even know" Lauren mumbled "Normani is obsessed with her, and from what you've told me about Dinah, we might as well have a Beyoncé party tonight" she groaned

Camila smacked her girlfriends arm, "you don't like Beyoncé!?" She whisper shouted so that Dinah wouldn't be able to hear her

"No no, I love her." Lauren reassured her "just not as much as them" she laughed

Camila sighed in relief "oh thank god, I didn't want to lose you tonight to those two because you most certainly would have gotten murdered by Dinah"

"I don't doubt it." Lauren shrugged


"Let's play never have I ever" Normani suggested to the girls who were deciding on what game to play

"Yes!" Dinah and Ally shouted at the same time

"You okay with that Mila?" Dinah asked her best friend

"Yeah, if Lauren is" she replied, looking at her girlfriend

"Sure" the green eyed girl replied

When Ally and Normani arrived over an hour ago with a bottle of vodka in hand along with some wine coolers, Lauren was a bit worried. Sure, she had drunk alcohol before, but she had no idea if Camila had. Let alone if she felt comfortable doing it.

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