Chapter 15

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Sunday 3:00 pm

"I remember that it hurt,
Looking at her hurt."

The two girls were currently cuddled on Lauren's couch watching Stuck in Love on Netflix.

After they finished decorating the Christmas tree an hour ago, they both decided to spend the day together (with Sinu's permission of course)

"I love this movie" Camila tiredly mumbled against Lauren

"Me too" Lauren remarked "babe are you tired?" She asked

"Yeah" the brown eyed girl muttered

"Really" Lauren chuckled "it's like 3"

"Yeah but you woke me up before 10!" Camila ranted


"So I thought college students appreciated their sleep" Camila mumbled "but I guess I was wrong"

"Camzi, you're not wrong" Lauren reassured her "but it's so close to Christmas and I haven't had class for like two days"

"That's true" Camila yawned

"Take a nap baby girl, you can sleep in my arms" Lauren explained

"Okay" Camila smiled "but only because you're really comfy" she joked, earning a laugh from the girl underneath her

"I'm okay with that" Lauren giggled


3 hours later, the brown eyed girl woke up to her stomach grumbling. She was about to move when she realized that she was still in Lauren's arms. Camila couldn't believe that Lauren held her while she slept and fell asleep in the process

She rolled in the older girls arms, turning to face her. Lauren looked so adorable, she had a slight pout while she slept, and she looked more relaxed than ever.

Camila loved seeing her like this, it made her fall even more in love with.

But she needed to wake her up. She was hungry.

"Laurennn" Camila whispered, a smile on her lips

"Hmm?" Lauren mumbled in her sleep, scrunching her nose

"Wake up." Camila ordered

"Make me" Lauren smirked

She was obviously awake now, but Camila wanted to play along

"Oh and how would I do that?" She asked innocently

"I don't know" the older girl yawned

"How about this.." Camila whispered as she leaned in and kissed her girlfriend

Camila loved kissing. She felt as though it was one of the most intimate and loving things you could do with someone. And she really loved kissing Lauren. Her lips, they made her feel at home, like she finally belonged. The younger girl would never tell her why though, as she already knows how Camila was bullied at school and didn't have many friends, but she never knew how much that had really affected her before she had met the other girl.

And so, they kissed for what felt like hours, both girls lips moving in sync. It wasn't a heated kiss, but a passionate one that showed each other just how much they truly loved each other.

Camila parted her lips a bit, allowing Lauren to start exploring her mouth with her tongue. The younger girl didn't bother to have a battle with Lauren for dominance, as that was not what this was about.

They just cherished this moment, with their lips locked, eyes closed, and love in the air.

Eventually they had to stop kissing, mostly because Camila's stomach growled again and Lauren couldn't help but laugh

"C'mon Camz, I'll cook you something" Lauren motioned for the other girl to sit up

"What time is it?" The younger girl yawned, sitting up so the girl below her could do the same

"6:15" Lauren answered after checking her phone

"Okay so dinner time" Camila stated

"Exactly, what do you want to eat?" Lauren asked, wrapping her arms around her girlfriend again

"Whatever you want" Camila shrugged

"Well I wouldn't mind having you.." Lauren mumbled against Camila's shoulder causing the younger girl to blush

The younger girl coughed in response and got up from the other girls lap, shaking her head in attempt to rid the blush

"So um..." Camila started "what about some pasta? Do you have pasta?" She asked

"Yeah, I have that" Lauren answered, seemingly unbothered by what she had previously stated

The green eyed girl got up off the couch, stretched a bit and proceeded to walk to the kitchen leaving a still blushing Camila behind

Camila stretched out a bit as well and then stated that she had to go to the bathroom before walking to the older girls bathroom.

She quickly pulled out her phone and texted her best friend


Not a minute later she received a text back


Mila: Im at Lauren's house and something happened


Mila: Dj fuck off honestly

Dinah: sorry Mila, what happened

Mila: so we fell asleep while watching a movie and I woke up in Lauren's arms but I was really hungry so I woke her up and said that I was hungry and she said she'd cook me something so I said whatever she wanted and..

Mila: she said she wanted me..

The brown eyed girl blushed again at just the thought of what Lauren had previously said


Mila: Lauser?

Dinah: Lauren+loser= Lauser

Mila: ohhhh

Mila: but what do I do? I don't even think she knows I heard her

Dinah: well are you ready for that kind of stuff? Or is my best friend a prude?

Mila: I am NOT prude.

Dinah: so then give her what she wants?

Mila: no it's not the right time. The time has to be perfect.

Dinah: okay then don't give her what she wants?

Mila: okay thanks Dinah!

Dinah: smh I feel bad for Lauser that girl ain't ever gonna get any

Mila: bye Dinah!

Camila locked her phone, flushed the toilet to make it seem like she actually went to the bathroom, washed her hands, splashed some water on her face  and then walked out of the bathroom to join her girlfriend in the kitchen.

'God my girlfriend is such a child' Camila thought to herself as she watched her girlfriend dancing around the kitchen with Christmas music playing in the background. But she didn't mind, she loves Lauren for everything she is. And she's going to prove that by giving her her one of her most prized possessions for Christmas.


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