Chapter 17

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Tuesday (3 days before Christmas)

"Hiii Jane" Lauren sung as she walked into the familiar office with 13 roses behind her back

"Hello Lauren" Jane greeted the familiar girl

Lauren had stopped by the school multiple times in the past few weeks to bring Camila lunch and had become accustomed to stopping by the office to say hi to Jane. After all she was nice enough to let Lauren in about 3 times a week.

"So Christmas is in 3 days and since tomorrow's a half day and Camz doesn't have lunch, I brought you something today" Lauren explained to the older woman with a smile on her face

"Lauren you didn't have to do that" Jane smiled sweetly, she really did like Lauren. She was a sweetheart who brought her girlfriend lunch whenever she wanted and she admired her for that

"I love giving gifts, trust me even my mail man gets a gift from me every year" the younger girl joked

"Well if you say so" Jane laughed

Lauren pulled out the bouquet of roses, keeping a single rose behind her back for her girlfriend

"Merry Christmas" the green eyed girl smiled brightly

"Lauren they're beautiful" Jane exclaimed, getting up to give the young girl a hug

"Not as beautiful as my wonderful girlfriend who absolutely adores you. She talks very highly of you and so I thought you deserved some flowers" Lauren commented

"You didn't have to do that. Camila's absolutely wonderful, great girl. Speaking of which, her lunch just started you should go see her" Jane said, glancing at the clock

"Merry Christmas" Lauren stated, kissing Jane on the cheek before turning around

"Merry Christmas" Jane chuckled

Lauren walked down the hallway, twirling the single rose in her hand that wasn't occupied by the pizza in the other hand (her girlfriend really likes pizza)

Eventually she reached the cafeteria and met with her girlfriend

"Hey Camz" Lauren whispered, hugging her girlfriend from behind making the rose visible

"Hi Lauren" Camila mumbled, taking the rose and turning in the older girls arms to kiss her

"How's your day going?"Lauren asked the younger girl as they settled at the table, each girl grabbing a slice of pizza

"Perfect now that you're here" the brown eyed girl admitted


After school

Camila: Dinah I need your help.

Camila: I need to get sexy Christmas lingerie

Camila: and I have no clue what I'm doing.

Dinah: hold up.

Dinah: is Camren finally taking that step!?

Camila: I guess you could put it that way... I just really love Lauren and I know it seems early, but I never want to lose her and I know she feels the same way about me so I want to give myself to her in every way possible

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