Chpater 19

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Christmas Eve

Camila woke up the next morning sprawled out practically on top of her girlfriend

Lauren didn't seem to mind though as she was awake and staring down at the younger girl, playing with her hair

"Good morning princess" Lauren whispered as she felt her girlfriend stir awake

"Morning" Camila yawned as she attempted to lean up and look at her girlfriend

"I love you" Lauren stated, leaning in to kiss her girlfriend. That is until Camila stuck her hand out between their lips

"I love you, but I have morning breath" she explained, getting up on wobbly legs, covering herself in the sheet from the bed leaving Lauren sprawled out naked and walking to the bathroom to brush her teeth

As she was brushing her teeth she finally noticed Lauren's cum still on her stomach and groaned

At least she doesn't have a weak pullout game

Camila smirked at this thought but then remembered that they were both due at her parents today for an early Christmas dinner and washed off her stomach

After brushing her teeth the young girl walked out of the bathroom and curled up next to Lauren on the bed again noticing that the older girl had covered herself with a blanket

"What time is it?" She asked

"One thirty" Lauren replied after checking her phone

"Shit really?" Camila asked amazed

"Yeah, guess I wore you out last night huh" Lauren joked causing the younger girl to blush

"You did, and thank you. That was the perfect first time. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way" Camila whispered and kissed her girlfriend with now minty fresh breath

"Thank you. That was the best Christmas present ever. I'm glad I could be your first, and hopefully your last" Lauren smiled

Camila smiled and started to get up from the bed pulling her girlfriend with her by her hand

"Camz what are you..?" Lauren asked

"We're taking a shower." The brown eyed girl stated bluntly causing Lauren's eyes to go wide


The two girls showered in the most innocent way together, Lauren washed Camila's body with gentle hands and Camila washed Lauren the same. Lauren successfully washed Camila's hair in the most loving way possible, but Camila however did not have such luck. When she tried to wash Lauren's hair her hand slipped and she ended up getting a handful of bubbles into Lauren's eye

After apologizing about a hundred times, and Lauren forgiving her each time, Camila shut off the water and stepped out with the older girl following her

Both girls wrapped themselves in towels and dried themselves off before heading back into the bedroom to get dressed

"When should we head to your house?" Lauren asked her girlfriend

"Well it's three forty five right now so we should probably get ready" Camila explained

Lauren looked like a deer in headlights

"I don't know what to wear" she panicked amusing her girlfriend to laugh

"Lo don't worry, you don't need to dress up. We never do." The young Cuban chuckled

After settling on a pair of black skinny jeans with a white band tee for Lauren and a pair of white washed jeans and the The 1975 tee shirt Lauren bought for her for Camila, the couple decided it was time to go


"Lauren we're so glad you came!" Alejandro exclaimed, greeting the girls at the door "and Camila too" he added jokingly

"Thank you for inviting me" Lauren smiled at the older man

"No thanks needed, we love it when you come over" the man stated, patting the girl on the back and kissing her daughter on the cheek before running off to the living room

"LOLO" a small child's voice rang out as little footsteps came the girls way

"SOFI" Lauren shouted with just as much excitement, crouching down and catching the little girl in her arms as she jumped into Lauren's embrace

"I missed you" Sofi mumbled against her shoulder

"I missed you too kiddo" Lauren replied, looking at Camila who stared at the precious moment

"Will you and Kaki come play with me?" Sofi asked with a pout on her lips

"Gosh you look just like you sister how can I say no to that" Lauren muttered

"Yay! Mami and Papi are playing too" the young girl explained

"What are we playing?" Camila asked her sister as both girls were dragged by the smaller Cabello into the living room

"Just Dance" Sofi stated with an evil grin



Guys I'm thinking of starting another story

It's gonna be called Who Are You and it will be about Lauren anonymously messaging Camila to apologize and confess her love for her but Camila has no idea it's Lauren. Lauren is the popular girl who's friends bully Camila but Lauren loves her and Camila is the shy quiet girl. Eventually Lauren and Camila get partnered for a project and the assignment is to get to know each other and write a story about the other person. In that time each girl falls for each other even more.

Would you read it?

- Jordan

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