Chapter 21

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Warning: there's gonna be smut

P.S this is my late Christmas present to you guys (or whatever holiday your religion celebrates, idk them all I'm 14 give me a break)


"Oh my god I love it" Lauren exclaimed when Camila showed her the drawing Sofi drew of them

"She did a really good job" the younger girl added

"Like a really really good job, I couldn't draw anywhere near this good at her age" the green eyed girl commented

"Me neither" Camila stated "but hey let's open your family's present"

"Okay" Lauren mumbled before grabbing a medium sized box from the table in front of them

Camila lifted the top off of the box and Lauren facepalmed herself at the sight of what her family had bought the couple

"Oh my." Camila whispered

"I don't know how to feel" Lauren mumbled

"I can't believe your family bought us a box of condoms" The younger girl exclaimed before bursting out laughing

"I bet Chris and Taylor planned this" Lauren chuckled

"To be honest I don't know if we should thank them or.." She added

"I don't know Lo, do you think we're gonna need them?" Camila smirked


"Fuck Camz just like that" Lauren moaned as she watched the younger girls hand move up and down her length

At this Camila sped up her movements, swiping her thumb over the head gathering the precum to help the movement of her hand

"C-can we go on the bed?" Lauren whimpered causing the younger to stop her actions

"You don't want me to continue?" She frowned

"No no no" Lauren immediately answered "I just want to make you feel as good as you're making me feel, just not on a couch" she explained

Camila smiled and got up, taking the other girls hand and leading her to the bedroom. She pushed Lauren onto the bed and proceeded to peel her and the green eyed girls remaining clothes off, grabbing a condom from the box before settling on the older girls thigh

"Shit Camz babe I think you've turned into a sex freak" Lauren moaned when she felt the younger girls wet heat on her thigh

"Have you seen yourself, I don't think it's possible for anyone to not be a sex freak when it comes to you" she joked

To this Lauren smirked and kissed her girlfriend. Her hands traveled all over, from Camila's thighs to holding her face as they kissed

"You're so beautiful" she whispered against the young girls lips, swiping a finger through her wet folds

"Lauren please" Camila whimpered

"Please what?" She smirked

Camila opened her eyes and stared directly into Lauren's

"I will not beg."

Lauren's face broke into a pout




"Do you even realize that you're begging me to beg?"

"Am not."

Camila huffed out a breath of air

"God you are so stubborn" she muttered before she put the condom on the other girl and lifted herself up, centered Lauren's dick at her opening and sheathed it inside of herself

"holyfuckinghell." Camila breathed out at the feeling, closing her eyes

"God you're still so tight" Lauren moaned

The younger girl started bouncing up and down, essentially riding  her dick

"You really can't say that you know" she commented "we've only actually fucked once"

Lauren chuckled lightly at this

"Are we really talking while you're riding me?" She asked

"Yes Lauren we are" Camila mumbled "now don't let me do all the work"

The green eyed girl started to meet Camila's thrusts and pounded into her girlfriend

"Oh my god" Camila moaned "right there"

Lauren flipped them over, continuing to pound into the girl below her, hitting her g spot with each thrust

"Fuck I'm gonna cum" she moaned

"It's okay, there's a condom this time" Camila mumbled

"They're not 100% effective" Lauren commented

"I'm on birth control too, we should be fine"

Trusting the thin piece of rubber, Lauren released into the condom, causing the girl beneath her to moan

Feeling Lauren release inside her for the first time was like heaven and sent Camila into an orgasm

"I love you so much" Lauren whispered as she kissed all over her girlfriends face, thrusting into her slowly to help her ride out her orgasm

Once both girls were able to breath correctly Camila reached over the bed and grabbed Lauren pants, felt the front pocket and pulled out her phone

"What are you doing?" Lauren asked curiously, pulling the covers over her and the other girl

"Smile" Camila stated before taking a selfie with the older girl, making sure both of their chests were covered first

"Camz who are you sending that to?" She asked watching the young girl go into her messages

"Chris and Tay" she stated

"Why?" Lauren furrowed her eyebrows

"To thank them for our gift."



I am suffering writers block for this story.

However I am having a great time writing a new story, you guys should check it out its called
I'll Wait For You
so far it's just flashbacks but it will soon get to the point

Also what's up with the 5sos fandom hating on all of us?

Like I went on Facebook and some girls I used to go to school with were posting about how rude we all were and stuff. Did something happen that I missed?

- Jordan

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