Chapter 13

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"Trey, what are you doing here?" I asked rubbing sleep out of my eyes as I opened my front door to see Trey standing there. After a long day with Brittany, I was excited to get in my bed and get a good nights rest. I had probable fallen asleep about an hour ago, only to be awaken by the constant ringing of my doorbell.

"I'm sorry. I just wanted to talk" he said sounding very sullen and I sighed opening the door further to let him inside.

"Let me go get myself together." I said closing the door as he stepped inside. "Feel free to go inside the kitchen and have anything you want" I said as I made my way upstairs and went to my room. Throwing my robe onto the bed, revealing my half naked body, I walked to my dresser and slipped on a T shirt and some shorts. I went to the bathroom and gargled some mouth wash before making my way back downstairs to find Trey sitting on the couch. I went and sat down on the other side of the couch and I looked at him as I waited for him to speak. "Tell me what's going on Trey?" I said once I felt I had waited long enough. He was too quiet, so I knew something had to be on his mind.

"I mean. I don't really know where to start." he said leaning back into the chair

"Start with the first thing that's on your mind" I said pulling my knees into my chest as I waited for him to reply

"I've just been so stressed lately, and everything's just been weighing so hard and heavy on my mind and my heart. It's a lot you know, so many people are looking up to me, I got so many people depending on me and it sucks because I have no one to talk to about any of this. I feel like I gotta keep everything inside just so people won't see me as any less of a man." He sighed heavily and I could see his eyes glistening as he held back tears.

"Trey, showing your emotions doesn't make you any less of a man. We can't all have it together a hundred percent of the time."

"I guess. But it's like, besides music, I don't have any other way to express my feelings, and I don't even express feelings like this because I don't wanna be too transparent. I don't wanna talk to my mom because I don't want her to worry. And I can't talk to Tanaya, because she's too damn self centered." he said growing aggravated and I had a feeling she was the root of most of his issues right now.

"Trey, on a scale of one to ten how happy are you with her?" I quizzes as I watched him intently. It seemed like anytime we talked about Tanaya, it was rarely ever good, like the bad outweighed the good with them. Trey deserved happiness or he at least deserved someone that was capable of being there for him when he was going through the motions

"Honestly Channel" he started "I couldn't even give you a steady 5."

"So then Trey, what are you still doing with her?" I asked shocked that he gave me that answer. I knew Trey and Tanaya had their issues, but I didn't think he felt this way about his relationship.

"I just feel like she needs me Channel" he said but I wasn't convinced.

"She needs you? What about what you need?"

"It can't be about me right now."

"Trey, from the sound of things, it needs to be about you. You can't stay in a relationship where you're unhappy.  Every relationships has their ups and downs but you're answer should always be a ten. If you feel like you're stressed, the last thing you need is someone who can't call you down."

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