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The Songz To Our Lives by RatedR4Robbin
The Songz To Our Livesby RatedR4Robbin
This a story I wrote last year. I stopped writing it because I got writers block and lost interest in this story. I'm trying to get back into fanfic writing so I'm posti...
  • lovestory
  • trigga
  • music
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A Slum Love Crime. (A$AP Rocky Story) by pastelzeppelin
A Slum Love Crime. (A$AP Rocky The Abstract
Tremaine has lived in Harlem for her entire life. She's just another young, misbehaving black girl from a poor family. Even though she misbehaves, she's still innocent...
  • iswerveboo
  • asapmob
  • problem
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Long Sleeves. | Trey Songz | by Shaaniaa
Long Sleeves. | Trey Songz |by shania ❥
Abuse, was all he did to me. Self-conscious, was all I felt. Long sleeves was all that covered the hideous marks on my body. That was my life.
  • tremaine
  • princeton
  • neverson
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Dreams Become Reality by lexilove120299
Dreams Become Realityby Alexis Buonagura
Have you ever had the most wildest dream that you know can never become real? Lexie Jones was just a normal girl whose wildest dreams did become reality.
  • tremaineneverson
  • love
  • trigga
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Disney Descendants One shots by KrysBabdon
Disney Descendants One shotsby Krys
Just a bunch of little stories. Some prompts gotten from Tumblr. Has new characters. Also, if you can't tell, I absolutely love the Hook children so they'll be in a lot...
  • disney
  • ffreddie
  • mal
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Playboy ft (Trey Songz & Chris Brown) by xkaaae_
Playboy ft (Trey Songz & Chris xkaaae_
Just read it you'll like it
  • trigga
  • chrisbreezy
  • treysongz
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Trigganometry by NiquaB
Trigganometryby Niq Oshana
The famous singer/celebrity, Tremaine Neverson, otherwise known as Trey Songz, no longer wants the fame. He ducks off from the media for three years to continue his firs...
  • singer
  • school
  • math
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Trey Songz Imagines by QueenQuaaa
Trey Songz Imaginesby 🧘🏾‍♀️
Its Trey Songz.. what more do you want, he's FINE
  • aldon
  • neverson
  • tremaine
Trigganometry by NooneyImjustme
Trigganometryby Tr!gg@zR0ck¥
A story about a young girl who fell in love with a drug dealer whom abused her. She puts him in jail and goes on to find a new love, life and happiness so she thought...
  • treyfanatic
  • trigga
  • mrstealyourgirl
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Just Kickin' it (Tremaine 'Trey Songz' Neverson) by hey_Danae
Just Kickin' it (Tremaine 'Trey hey_Danae
" Tell everyone that we fell in love with each other, that we found the one in one another" - Jhene Aiko
  • tremaine
  • romantic
  • treysongz
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Grimm's Warriors by AnimeReverseHaremW
Grimm's Warriorsby Miko12318
Fairy tales are children's stories about magical and imaginary beings and lands which are non-real: Cinderella, Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, and many more. They a...
  • reverseharem
  • transformations
  • grimm
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Cinderella by KevinKwan
Cinderellaby Kevin Kwan
The tale of Cinderella, retold. The magic, of Cinderella. (Based off of the 2015 version of Cinderella, Cover's picture and story do not belong to me)
  • lady
  • tail
  • cinderella
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My dream came true by elleramo90
My dream came trueby elleramo90
This is a Trey Songz fan fiction!!Read it and i'm sure you 'll love it!!
  • preferences
  • lovefaces
  • trigga
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Plug Walk by ShareeThinner
Plug Walkby Sharee Thinner
  • jayceontaylor
  • michael
  • abuse
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Daughter of Anastasia  tremaine by bellspop38
Daughter of Anastasia tremaineby bellspop38
This is the life of the Daughter of Anastasia tremaine
  • anastasia
  • tremaine
  • harry
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Cant Live Like This... (Chris Brown, Trey Songz, Roc Royal, and Tyga STORY) by TiaBia91
Cant Live Like This... (Chris Tia
17 year old Taraji is a beautiful , kind hearted, Staight A student at John Adams high... Just a lovely young lady with a great future ahead of her... You would think t...
  • tremaine
  • treysongz
  • chris
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Auradon Prep ~ Disney Decendants by TenTelltales
Auradon Prep ~ Disney Decendantsby mina
Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos have converted to the side of Good. But just because that the four of them have changed their views, doesn't mean that the rest of the children...
  • oogie-boogie
  • hans
  • evie
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Lady Tremaine's Misfortune's by Sedentary_lifestyle
Lady Tremaine's Misfortune'sby Rubi Villanueva
Lady Tremaine was a novice at what one would call "love." She hardly even grasped the concept, and at age 24 this wasn't quite acceptable at her time. No, bein...
  • time
  • tremaine
  • evil
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I See Fire (A Disney Crossover Story) by penniegrange05
I See Fire (A Disney Crossover penniegrange05
Read to find out
  • melody
  • cinderella
  • disney
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We Meet Again Part 2 by Yuuupcece
We Meet Again Part 2by Yuuupcece
What happened to cece and trey after they kissed? did they get back together? what about Tyler? Are Jackie and cece still friends? hmm
  • love
  • songz
  • tremaine
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