Chapter 25

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I rolled over in the bed onto my stomach before quickly covering my eyes and turning my head in the opposite direction of the sun. I frowned before sitting up on my knees and looking around the room to see clothing scattered across the room causing a smile to break across my face. I let out a sigh of relief because, for the first time in a long time, I woke up feeling really good. It seemed as if me telling him how I felt last night took a huge weight off of my shoulders. Kicking my legs over the side of the bed, I made my way to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. Once I was finished, I went downstairs to see Trey sitting in the living room watching Sports Center. As I walked over to where he was sitting, he turned around and smiled up at me.

"Good morning sleeping beauty," he said

"Hi," I said softly as I took a seat on his lap. He wrapped his arms around me and I snuggled my head into the crook of his neck and wrapped my arms around him.

"How'd you sleep gorgeous?" He said placing a kiss on my forehead

"Like a baby" I smiled

"Mhmm, I bet you did," he said making me laugh. "What are you doing today?"

"Going to the office for a bit. Then to the gym, and then we have to go to Lance's dinner tonight remember?"

"Yea, I remember," he mumbled

"You don't seem excited, " I said as a played with his shirt

"I'm not. Guys don't get excited for stuff like this unless they're the ones getting engaged, but I'm happy for them. You can tell they were made for each other." he said and I nodded "Hopefully that'll be us soon"

"Maybe," I replied

"Maybe?" he asked leaning back so he could look at me.

"Mhmm," I nodded "If you act right it could be. You gotta work for it."

"Well you know I'm more than willing to. One day their's gonna be a big rock on your finger, and then hopefully soon after, I'll put a little Trey in there" he said causing me to roll my eyes

"Why does our first kid have to be a little Trey? Why can't we have a little Chanel?"

"Either way, whether we have a little Trey or a little Chanel, you gonna be the best baby momma in the world," he said pecking my lips.

"And hopefully you're only baby momma," I said plucking his nose

"Definitely baby" he pecked my lips "That's the only way I want it ."


"Chanel, can we please just stay home, I don't want to go"Brittany whined. Tonight was Brittany's proposal dinner, and since it was a surprise, I was responsible for getting her out of the house. Unfortunately, she was in a bit of a mood, and I was having a bit of trouble motivating her to get up out the bed

"Come on Brit, we haven't been out together in so long" plopping down next to her on the bed and pouting.

"But Nene, I'm tired." she said laying her head on my shoulder

"That never stopped you before." I said causing her to groan

"I know but I'm just not in the parting mood." she said.

"I never said anything about a party. I just wanna go out to eat," I said giving her the puppy dog eyes "If youre that tired, we can just go out really quick and then I'll drop you right back home so you can sleep."

"Don't look at me like that Nelly" she groaned

"Come on," I said with a laugh " I know you're hungry and I'm not cooking, neither are you, so let's just go. I know you've been longing to get cute and go out for no reason at all. I know I have. Please come" I clasped my hands together and shifted my body to my knees as I begged. She finally smiled and nodded her head

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