Chapter 23

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Channel P.O.V

"I'm so excited," I said sitting back in the passenger seat of Lance's Range Rover. Glancing over at him, I saw a smirk on his face and I could tell he was too.

"You seem to be more excited than me, though," he said making us both laugh.

"Maybe I am, but I've been waiting for you to do this forever. It took you long enough." I laughed

"I know, but me and Brittany been together for a while. It's the right time you know?" I nodded in response. Today I was tagging along with Lance to pick out a ring for Brittany since he decided he was finally ready to propose. I was super excited because I had watched their love grow throughout the years I knew them both and I could see how much they genuinely loved each other. Brittany raved about him whenever we were together and he did the same about her. He treated her like an absolute queen and I loved that. I had never seen a man treat a woman the way he treated Brittany and it really brought joy to my heart.

"Yea you're right." I smiled "Thanks for including me in this process too." I glanced over at him to see him smiling.

"You don't have to thank me for that. You need to be included. Brittany's your best friend and you're practically a sister to both of us. You're the perfect person for the job." he said causing my smile to grow wider. Lance and I had always been close due to Brittany, but we had especially grown closer in the past few months with how much he was there with me for my mom's death.

"That makes me feel so important" I pretended to wipe a tear as we both laughed

"Well, you should feel important. You're a very important person to us," he said and I fanned him off.

"Thanks, but you gotta stop now. You're making me blush." I laughed and he nodded

"Alright, alright. I'm done. So tell me, how's you and your boyfriend?" he asked causing me to furrow my eyebrows

"Umm, Trey duh," he rolled his eyes causing me to burst out laughing.

"Please don't ever to that again, one, and two, Trey isn't my boyfriend," I answered after I finally calmed down

"Why not? Yall have been attached at the hip since he finagled his way back into your life. I'm surprised Brittany's not the one going ring shopping with him" he said and a giggled a little.

"We haven't been back together for that long for him to be proposing yet. If he was to ask now, I really wouldn't say yes. "

"And why's that?" he quizzed

"I guess because a part of me is still scared of what he might do, you know? Like, for the past few months, he's been dedicating his time to making sure my sister and I are okay, so it's easy for him to be faithful, but I don't know what he's gonna do when he gets back to performing and doing club dates. It's honestly scary."

"I get what you mean, and it's just gonna take a while for you to trust him again in that aspect. Have you talked to him about how you feel?"

"No, I kind of just push it to the back of my mind and try to act like it doesn't bother me."

"Well, I think you should talk to him about it. Those thoughts are gonna eat you up one day and that's only gonna make it worse."

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