Chapter 43

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Chanel P.O.V 

"How are you feeling baby?" I asked as I walked into our bedroom with a plate of food for Trey. He had been out of the hospital for two weeks, and he was feeling a bit better, but he was still in a lot of pain.  Thankfully, his leg was almost fully healed, he had one week until he could have the cast removed, however, his body itself still needed time to heal. The accident was pretty serious, and he was honestly lucky to be alive, I was lucky he was alive. I know he and I were going through our issues, but I never thought about facing life without him and the fact that that was a possibility, even in the slightest, scared the hell out of me. No matter what we were going through, I didn't want to go through life without him. 

"A little better" he sat up in the bed and took the plate of food from me and I placed his glass of water and pain medicine on the table. 

"It's good to hear you sounding like yourself" I smiled, taking a seat near his feet at the end of the bed. 

"You don't even know how good it feels. I honestly was scared, I didn't think I would be back to my normal self after this happened." he sighed as he began to eat.  

"I never doubted that you would be. You shouldn't have either, you should have known I wouldn't let that happen. Now you don't have to worry about not being able to sing anymore" I smiled. One of the injuries from the accident was a skull fracture. That led to other complications, like him having a slight speech impediment. Luckily, I found an excellent Speech Pathologist that worked with Trey, and I worked with him whenever she wasn't around. Trey was desperate to go back to speaking the way he did because his speech affected his singing.  

"I know. I mean, I know I'm retired and everything, but singing is still such a huge part of me. I need to do it." 

"I get it baby, and now you can" I patted his leg lightly before getting up from the bed. 

"Where you going?" Trey asked as I began to walk towards the bedroom door. 

"I'm gonna go downstairs, I need to clean up." 

"Nah, get in the bed with me?" 

"Babe, I need to clean up. Downstairs looks a mess." Today, Aiden and Jason came over and had a playdate, and to say they left my house in shambles was an understatement. I blame myself for letting them even make as much of a mess as they did, but I couldn't help it. They were having so much fun, and I was just happy to see them enjoying themselves. I had become a bit softer with them since Aleigha's birth.  I never needed to be that much of a disciplinarian with them because they were such great kids, but normally I wouldn't let them rearrange my whole living room in the manner that they had. Their initial intention was to make a fort, but it soon turned into a completely different mission 

"I'll call someone to have them come clean, right now I just want you to relax. You've been doing so much lately, and I know you're exhausted. You've been doing so much to take care of me, you haven't been taking care of yourself." he said and I sighed knowing he was right. "Come on, just come and lay with me for a couple of hours." I nodded and walked deeper into the room and into our joint closet. I pulled the maxi dress I had on over my head before pulling one of Trey's T-shirts on. I went back into the room to see that he had finished eating and was now taking his medicine. 

"Give me your plate," Taking his plate from him, I left the room and brought it to the kitchen. Even though I wasn't ready for bed yet, I knew I most likely wouldn't be coming back downstairs, so I made sure to lock up everything, arm the alarm system and turn off all the lights. 

Once I made my way back upstairs, Trey was now lying comfortably and shirtless in the bed, resting with his arm behind his head. Since he just took his medicine, I knew he would be asleep soon, but I wished otherwise. I knew he didn't have the strength, but I honestly wished that he could fuck me right to sleep. I sighed lowly before pulling the covers back and climbing into bed as Trey instinctively wrapped his arms around me.

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