Chapter 45

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Chanel POV

"Alright, so these are the options you have for table settings. Since you want to go with round, we can fit up to eight at a table with these chairs." I told Rasheeda as we went over more details for her wedding. I wasn't feeling very well today and I genuinely could not wait for this meeting to be over so I could go home and curl up under the covers. Handing over the binder with all the details we came up with so far for the wedding, I placed my chin in my palm and waited for her indecisive ass to pick a place setting. My current mood absolutely put me in no position to deal with Rasheeda today, but I like nice things and money pays for them. Rasheeda and her man have big money so I'm definitely gonna put up with her and her foolishness today, no matter how sick I feel.

"Hmm, can I have a few days to think about it. They're all so nice"

"Sure, but I need a decision by Thursday. I need to put in the orders for all of that stuff by Friday afternoon" 

"Okay. I'll definitely have an answer by then."

"Great and while you're thinking about it, you should start doing seating arrangements, if you plan on having on them"

"Cool. No problem. Thanks again Chanel, you're really going above and beyond for this wedding"  Rasheeda said as she stood up from her seat.

"It's my job" I shrugged, smiling, glad that she was finally leaving. "I'll see you at our next appointment okay"

"Okay cool. Get some rest sweetie, you look tired"

"Trust me, I can't wait to," I said earning a laugh from her. I watched her as she walked out of the office building before making my way into Brittany's office.

"Hey baby girl," She said as I took a seat on one of the chairs in front of her desk. "You okay? You look like hell" she said making me laugh

"I feel like hell. I don't know what's wrong, I think I have a virus or something"

"Why don't you go home and get some rest. Rasheeda was your most important task for the day. You can go home, take a nap and catch up from there" She was right. Rasheeda was the only meeting I had today, I just needed to book some things for some other events, but nothing I physically needed to be in the office for and since I wasn't a fan of doing things last minute, I wasn't pressed to make any deadlines.  

"Alright. I'm gonna get out of here then" 

"Good. You want me to drop you home or are you good to go by yourself?" 

"I'll be good," I said standing up from the chair slowly so I wouldn't make myself dizzy 

"You sure?" 

"I'm sure" I reassured her. 

"Okay. Just text me and let me know you made it home safely" 

"I will. I'll see you tomorrow." I said as I walked out of her office. "Love you" 

"Love you too" she called after me. Going back to my office, I shut down my iMac and grabbed all my notepads and iPad and put them into my Celine purse. Closing the door behind me, I flipped the sign on my door to the "Out of Office" side before making my way to my car in the parking lot. 

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