Chapter 32

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Channel P.O.V

**1 month later**

"Hey sissy" Jessica and Khloe said as they walked into my office

"Hey" I smiled as they came around my chair to give me a hug. "What are you guys doing here?"

"Nothing special" Khloe shrugged "Just decided to pop up on you. Did you eat yet?" She asked looking at Jessie who was typing away on her phone before looking back at me with an annoyed look on her face

"No. I have time though if you guys wanna go out. Jessie why are you over there about to break your phone screen"

"Because she's talking to head ass" Khloe said and I rolled my eyes as I put my computer to sleep and grabbed my purse.

"His name is Tristan, Khloe"

"I know his name, but his name changed to head ass when you told me what was really up with y'all"

"Can you back me up here Nelly?" Jessie asked but I just shook my head

"Sorry. I'm with Khlo'. He may treat you well but he's been dragging you along for too long and it's not fair. You don't deserve that, he's too old for that bullshit too." I said. Tristan was 29 years old. If he didn't wanna be with my sister, he needed to leave her alone and let her do her thing for real. I can tell that this is getting to her especially since it's been hard for her to focus because she's been so annoyed with her relationship. The last thing I wanted to do was see her fall off on her hustle because of some guy boy.

"Alright but he's a good guy and I know he means well"

"Okay, but how long are you gonna wait for what you want. He's not the only fish in the sea" I said as I locked up my office and put my "out for lunch" sign up. I sent Brittany a quick text letting her know I was gonna be gone for a little while since she was in her office with a client and I didn't want to interrupt her.

"Whatever, can we find a new topic of discussion."

"Can you stay off your phone while we do?" Khloe snapped causing me to stop in my tracks on the way to the car and turn around

"Woah, what's with all the hostility?"

"I'm sorry sissy" Khloe said to Jessica. "I don't mean to be rude, but I'm over hearing about this. You complain about him all the time, I gave you my opinion on what I think you should do and honestly I don't wanna hear anything about it anymore"

"Alright, I'm sorry" Jessie said with a sullen look on her face

"Come on, don't look so sad Jess. I'm not trying to be an ass but it's just annoying at this point. I can tell you're not happy and I just want you to be, but I just rather you not complain to me about this anymore because I can't keep giving you advice that I know you're not gonna take" Khloe said as Jessie nodded

"I get it. I'll try to bring it up less" she said as we got into my car "It's just that leaving isn't as easy as it seems"

"Don't worry about it Khlo', she's gonna get so fed up to the point where she can't accept it anymore. Hopefully it's not another three years" I said starting up the car

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