Chapter 22

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"Thanks for coming" I said to the couple as I handed them a shopping bag. Today was the day of our pop up shop, and it was going pretty well. The turn out was decent, and things were going, but we still had tons of stuff left. I leaned against the counter as I watched Jessie interact with customers as she tried to sell the few pieces she brought in for today. Her clothes were going fast and I could tell she was happy that people liked them. I saw her talking to one girl, who looked about my age, before the girl handed Jess a couple of pieces and she walked over to the cash register.

"Look at you go sissy" I smiled as I stepped out of her way so she could use the register. She giggled a little before she rang up the girl's things.

"Thanks for telling me to do this. I was a little afraid that people wouldn't like my things, but they're responding to it really well."

"You know it's my job to encourage you" I said touching her arm. She was about to respond when there was a slight commotion by the door and I looked in that direction to see Trey walking in, with a bunch of girls coming in behind him.

"Ooh, looks like Mr. Steal Yo Girl came to get his girl" Brittany said over my shoulder and I playfully pushed her out of the way with my hip before heading in Treys direction.

"What are you doing here?" I smiled as I walked up to Trey. He bent down and gave me a kiss before speaking

"I came to support you guys, brought a couple of customers with me too" he said pointing to the door. I looked outside to see Trey's security outside lining girls up.

"How'd you get all those people here?" I asked in disbelief

"One tweet about your pop up shop and a chance to see Trigga and viola." He said and I smiled as I wrapped my arms around him.

"Thank you baby" I said getting up on my toes and placing a kiss on his cheek.

"Anything for you my love" he smiled

Because of Treys advertising, everything in the store was gone within a few hours, and we were able to lock up early. I was currently standing at the counter counting up all that we earned today.

"78, 79, 80" I smiled as I placed the last bill on the counter. "We made $5,780 and...." I paused as I pushed the change around on the table "77 cents!" I said clapping my hands together before giving Jessie a high five. I was more than excited, because this was more than I could've ever expected to make today. I was happy and overwhelmed by all the support we had received today. I pulled out my purse and pulled out the wad of cash I had and added $6000 dollars to pile before another wad of cash was thrown down next to it. I looked up to see Trey standing there with a smirk on his face

"That, is my contribution" Trey said with a smile. "You matched what you guys made and I'm matching it too."

"What? No you don't have to that" I said shaking my head

"I know but I want to." He said before more cash was thrown on the counter

"That's mine" Brittany said

"And that's mine" Lance said

"Guys no. Really. You don't have-"

"But we want to" Brittany said cutting me off

"Yea, we're not taking it back, so you might as well just take it." Lance said making me laugh. I sighed as I thought for a second before smiling.

"Thanks guys"

"You're welcome sissy" Brittany said placing a kiss on my cheek as Lance did the same on the other side and I smiled knowing that I was blessed with the greatest friends. Before I had the chance to say thank you again, Trey threw a pen at Lance.

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