Chapter 42

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Chanel POV

It had been two weeks since Trey's car accident and even though he was awake, things had been a little rough. He was in his induced coma much longer than we expected, and he's had multiple seizures while in it. His doctor wants to keep him here longer since he's had two seizures while he's been awake and they want to screen him for epilepsy.  Aside from that, he was having memory problems and speech issues and his leg and foot were broken in three different places. Though he was only awake for such a short period of time, I could tell the speech impediment was bothering him the most. He never had an issue like this, so I knew it was hard to digest. Not only that but with his leg being broken, right now he couldn't do much for himself. I stood by the window watching the cars pass beneath us. I was genuinely growing tired of being in hospitals, and even though I wasn't here often, being here only reminded me of horrible things. 

"Babe" My spirit brightened up at the sound of Trey's voice and I turned around to see what he needed. 

"Yes, your highness?" He chuckled a little before finally speaking

"Can you see if I can get some pain medicine?" he asked and I nodded. I caressed his face gently, before leaning down and placing a kiss on his lips. I wasn't used to seeing my poor baby down like this, he was always the strong one, but now I had to be strong for the both of us. 

"Thank you for being here," Trey said, earning a look of confusion from me. 

"You don't have to thank me for that Trey. I'm your wife, where else would I be?" 

"I don't know, but with the way I've treated you lately, I know you don't have to be here." he shrugged 

"Yes, I do baby. I see that you're making the effort to change, and I appreciate it. I know at times I seem like I don't, and I'm sorry about that, but just like you, I'm making the effort too. There is nowhere else I'd rather be right now than making sure you're getting better." 

"I love you, so much," 

"I love you too." I leaned down and kissed him again "Now let me go find your nurse" Walking out of the room, I went to the nurse's station to find his nurse, Ms. Lucinda. 

"Hey, Ms. Lucinda" 

"Hey honey, how's the patient?" she asked standing up from her seat.

"He's asking if he can get some pain medicine." 

"Of course he can." 

"Thanks. Is his food coming soon? I don't really want him taking that on an empty stomach. It didn't turn out so well yesterday." Trey was in a great amount of pain from the accident and was being given Percocet for relief, but yesterday he had it on an empty stomach and within a matter of minutes he was throwing it all up. 

"That should be his food right there," she said pointing to a Volunteer holding a food tray. She handed it to Ms. Lucinda, who then handed it to me. 

"Here, you can take this to him and I'll be right in with the medicine" I nodded before walking back down the hall to Trey's room. I placed his food on the rolling table before adjusting it so that it was over his bed. I raised his bed so that he could sit up straight while he ate. A few minutes later, Ms. Lucinda came in with his medicine.

"I'll leave this right here baby, you can take this whenever you're ready" she scanned his medical bracelet before leaving us alone. I took a seat in the chair next to his bed before pulling out my laptop and getting some work done. Grabbing my phone, I spent about 25 minutes on the phone with a client gathering more information about her wedding.

"Babe, you know if you need to leave, you can go. I'll be fine here by myself," he said in between bites. 

"Well, that's too bad because I'm not leaving," I said getting comfortable in the seat. I had a few events to plan, but thankfully they were just in the beginning stages so I didn't need to be away from Trey too much. When I did, I made sure that someone could be with him because I didn't want him here alone. About an hour and a half later, I had finished the work I needed to do. 

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