Chapter 10

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Chanel P.O.V

I groaned at the sound of my doorbell went off as I flushed another set of puke down the toilet. This morning I woke up feeling terrible and it seemed as if I caught some type of stomach bug. I ignored the doorbell as I brushed my teeth hoping that whoever it was would leave me alone.

I went back to my room and attempted to get in my bed only to hear the doorbell ring again.

"Leave me alone" I groaned as I pulled the comforter over my head. I hated being sick and even though I had a simple bug, I felt like I was dying and I just wanted to feel better already. The doorbell went off again and right after my phone began to ring. I picked it without looking at the number and placed it against my ear.

"Hello" I mumbled

"Damn, Chanel. You just gonna let me stand out here forever?"

"Trey" I asked popping up in my bed "You're outside of my house?" I asked

"I am"


"If you open the door I'll tell you why." he said

"Fine." I said hanging up trying to get him out of my space as quickly as possible. I threw the cover off of me and went made my way downstairs to the door. Once I made it to the door, I looked out the adjacent window to see Trey standing there with groceries in his hands. I smirked a little before pulling the door open.

"What are you doing here?" I asked

"Well hello to you too." he said holding the grocery bags up. "I stopped by your job, Brittany said you have the stomach flu. I brought remedies."

"Why?" I asked crossing my arms. I silently cursed myself realizing that I sounded like a bit of a bitch and it really wasn't intentional. This stomach flu made me really groggy and my attitude was on ten. Not to mention the fact that I didn't want him to see me looking like an absolute disaster right now. Before he could speak, I found myself running to the bathroom and barely making it to the toilet before I threw up.

I gagged over the toilet and soon after I felt Trey's presence as he rubbed my back. Once I was done, I flushed the toilet before closing the lid and sitting on top of it feeling completely exhausted. Trey wet a rag for me and wiped around my mouth before pouring me a cup of mouthwash. I got up and rinsed my mouth out before walking to the kitchen taking a seat at the island with Trey following close behind me.

"Are you gonna let me help you?" He asked opening the bags and handing me a bottle of Gatorade. I sighed knowing I had no other option. My mom was on the other side of the country, my stupid ass boyfriend was on the other side of the world and Brittany had a ton of appointments today so I had no choice.

"I guess so" I said taking the bottle and taking a sip of the drink. "Thanks" I mumbled and he continued to take the groceries out of the bags and placing them on the counter.

"Here" he said placing some applesauce in front of me. "Eat this while I make some soup" He said causing me to smile.

"You're really gonna take care of me?" I asked

"Yea, why not. You clearly need my help" he said motioning toward my apparel and I clenched my chest pretending to be hurt.

"Wow, so I'm ugly?" I quizzed

"Not at all." He shrugged. Before I could respond, my phone went off on the counter and I looked at the screen to see my sister trying to FaceTime me.

"Hey Si-Damn, Girl are you okay? You look a mess" my sister said once I finally answered.

"Well hello to you too." I said pretending my feelings were hurt.

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