Chapter 35

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Jordan P.O.V

"Everything looks so nice" I smiled as I walked into the backyard where my baby shower was being held. Besides the registry, every thing else was pretty much out of my hands. Jessie took me out this morning to get my hair and nails done, so that I would stay busy while everyone else set up.

 Jessie took me out this morning to get my hair and nails done, so that I would stay busy while everyone else set up

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"You guys did such a great job" I said looking around at all the decorations as Ms. April and Candy came up to me. "Thank you so much" I smiled as a tear escaped from my eye

"Oh Lord, girl you and these hormones." Candy said with a laugh as she hugged me. "You don't have to thank us sweetheart. We're happy to do this for you."

"Exactly. You deserve it honey. You're gonna be a great mom" Ms April said giving me a hug. I appreciated the fact that they were being so optimistic even though all the odds seemed to be against us at this point

"Thank you. I know I'll be better having you guys to help"

"That's what we're here for baby. Where's that son of mine? I haven't seen him all day"

"I don't know" I shrugged "I haven't seen or heard from him since last night."

"I need to knock him upside his head," she said rolling her eyes.

"Look let's not try to think about him today. Today is a good day, we're all here to celebrate the baby so let's just focus on how happy we are to meet Little Miss Aleigha in a few more weeks. Now come on, go greet your guests". I thanked them once more, before going to say hello to the people that were already here, which was mostly family and a few friends before Jessie told me to go sit in my baby shower chair. A few people came up to me and took pictures, and I tried not to be furious about the fact that Trey wasn't here to witness any of this.

"Alright" I heard Khloe say "Well I wanna thank you all for coming out today to help us celebrate the birth of my niece Princess Aleigha," she said causing me to laugh. Once I told everyone what I would be naming her, Khloe made it clear that she would be calling her Princess, regardless of her real name. I didn't mind at all though, my baby was a princess and if my sister wanted to remind her every second she saw her, it was fine with me.

"So as you guys know, baby showers are full of fun games and great deserts. The first game started when you guys came in and we gave you a pink laundry pin. The rules of the game are that you can't use the word baby. If someone catches you, they get to steal your pin and whoever has the most pins at the end of the night, wins a prize." Khloe said introducing the game. "Everyone can go ahead and eat first, then we'll play some more games before we open the gifts for my Princess. So you guys can go ahead and get online" She put the mic down and walked over to me.

"Don't worry about getting up, I'll get you some food. No Macaroni right?"

"Yea, I'll just have a burger and some salad, I'm not too hungry anyway."

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