Chapter 4

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"Come in" I answered to the knock at my door, and waited on the door to open. When it did, I was greeted by Brittany's smiling face as she entered with a Starbucks tray in her hand.

"Hey sissy" she said before taking a drink out and handing it to me. "One white Mocha Macchiato for you, and one white Mocha frappicino for moi" she said as I took the cut from her hands.

"Thanks" I said, taking a sip of the warm drink. "So what are you doing waltzing in here so late?" It was close to 12 and Brittany was always arriving just as early as I was at 9:30.

"Well Lance and I had a bit of a night, so I needed a few extra hours to recover." she said smiling and I playfully rolled my eyes. Lance had been her boyfriend of 3 years. She met him a year after we started school and they had been madly in love ever since. I was waiting on them to get married so I could offer my services of planning their wedding.

"Well I'm glad you're keeping your back cracked" I said causing her to laugh.

"You know, someone could be cracking your back too" she said referring to her long time friend Elliot who had made it known on several occasions that he was interested in me. I sighed before speaking

"Come on Britt." I began "You know I'm not trying to get into anything. I just wanna focus on work, and myself."

"I get that, but you've been focused on yourself for the past 5 years. I mean just look around you, you're 23 and you have you're own event planning business, and it's booming. I think you've focused on work enough for you to have a little bit of fun." she stated and I sighed knowing she was right. After my break up with Trey, I dove into my school work and studied so I could get out of there as fast as I could. I did an internship under Preston Bailey and he gave me the opportunity to plan a few TV award after parties and through that, I was able to start my own company, C.S.M Enterprises, Event planning and Coordinating. I was doing pretty well for myself and at my age, I was making bank. Brittany and I had sort of went into business together. She was an interior decorator, and we collaborated on a lot of ideas for the parties I was working on. There really wasn't any harm in me trying to find a guy, but I didn't know if I was ready for that.

"I just don't know" I said sighing "I'm not ready for that yet."

"Channel" she said getting irritated "Snap out of it already. Every guy isn't Trey. Not every dude is gonna run over your heart. He's an ass, but you've gotta move past it. Find someone better, give Elliot a chance. He really likes you. Just give him one date."

"Fine" I said giving up knowing she wouldn't take no for an answer. "But what if I like him and he gets deployed again, I don't know if I can deal with that" Elliot was in the army, and he had just gotten home from a recent tour. He was home for now but he was pretty much on standby.

"Well I think you should let your heart tell you what to do. I know that's a sticky situation, but maybe you won't like him. Don't let that keep you in the way of enjoying life. You've got everything in the world a girl could want except someone to share it with." she said ans I smirked.

"When did you become a therapist?" I asked as she got up off of my desk and made her way to the door.

"You know I've always got some gems up here for you" she said pointing to here tapping her temple as she walked backwards out of my office as I laughed. Once she had closed the door, my phone vibrated signaling a text from Elliot.

Elliot and I were friends as well, but I was never as close to him as Brittany was. I had met Brittany when I was looking for an apartment upon my move to California from Virgina for school. She needed a roommate and I figured it would't be so bad living with someone who could split the rent every month. She showed me around town and introduced me to some of her friends and that's how I met Elliot.

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