Freaking Emo's

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"I'm so excited!" Luke squealed, yes squealed as we were all sat in the taxi on our way to the studio. The guys were going to be on tv! They had been on a morning show before but this one was broadcasted all over the world.

We finally got to the studio and were ushered inside and up some stairs into a dressing room. I watched as the boys got their tv make up done and we met the presenters.

"Looking forward to showing them your new hair?" I asked both Michael and Calum, motioning to Michael's red hair and Calum's blonde streak; My boys had gone a lil crazy. But I had to admit, they looked good.

"Of course!" Calum replied, beaming down at me.

"We're on in one minute!" One of the crewmen called and the boys quickly rushed to their assigned seats.

I stood off set watching as the boys generally messed around and were interviewed. I got a bit bored until a question the boys got asked made me sit up.

"So hows your love life going guys?"

Michael, Ashton and Luke immediately looked at Calum, the presenter picked up on this and looked at him expectantly. "I have a girlfriend." He admitted holding his hands up. Michael looked over at me and made a 'come here' motion with his hands but I shook my head. Me and Calum had decided not to let slip who I was just yet as I had been told the fans can get.

The presenters then began talking about their next guest and they gave the boys an iPad to control their Instagram through. The boys began taking selfies and Calum winked at me just as Michael took the picture.

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