Sing Along If You Know It

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"Move!" I yelled pushing Michael out of my hotel bed, "This is my room." He looked up at me from the floor and a lopsided grin appeared on his face.

I began re-arranging the pillows that he had messed up when he bounded back on the bed, "Rude." I muttered, hitting him with one of the many pillows.

"Sleep." He instructed wrapping his arms around me lazily and pulling me to lie on the bed.

"Mic...ha..el" I sputtered, straining to sit up from his iron grip. But he simply held on and buried his smiling face into my back. I gave up and lay motionlessly beside him, keeping my gaze concentrated on the ceiling.

"Tomorrows ours last show." Michael whispered finally, not wanting me to hear him as if saying it made it more true.

"Yeah." I replied at the same volume. We sat there silently for a little longer just enjoying each others company, then Michael turned me to face him. He held my gaze then whimpered, "I'm going to miss you."

I pulled him close to me then and told him it would be okay. But the break in his voice told me he knew I was lying.





"Last show." Calum stated, peeking out at the crowd ahead; One hand on his guitar and the other securely around Tilly.

We all looked at each other sadly and Luke sighed, "Come on guys." And motioned for us all the gather. He then brought us all in for a hug and we stayed there for a moment.

"Nina we have something to ask you." Ashton said, trying, and failing to keep control of his giggles.

I looked at all the boys skeptically and Michael spoke, "Would you come on stage with us?"

"Uhr." I replied, feeling the ground shake a little beneath my feet. Me? On stage? I couldn't think of anything worse. But the guys looked at me with such excitement in their eyes that I found myself absently nodding my head.

"Great lets go." Calum said grabbing my arm and practically dragging me with him. My body realised what was about to happen before my mind and my feet tried their hardest to stay put. But who I am kidding, Calum lifts.

We were on the brink of coming into everyone's views and I found all eyes on me, making sure I was okay. I felt a little reassured and my legs gave in.

Screams erupted and entered my brain as soon as we were visible, so many people chanting. Chanting for the guys and for...for me. I blinked twice to make sure I was seeing correctly and Michael grabbed a mic. "Guys say hi to Nina!"

Hi's sounded from all around and I did a small wave back as the sea of people gazed at me. Ashton grinned at me, then started the drums, "The first thing we're gonna play tonight is a little song called Amnesia, sing along if you know it."

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