Tear Stains On Your T-Shirt

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"Place the box there." Ashton instructed as we were setting up the merch tent.

We opened up all the boxes and set the various T-Shirts and posters out neatly. "Things are pretty crazy right now." Ashton stated, as I began putting away the empty boxes.

"Tell me about it." I muttered, pretending to count the T-Shirts in my head when in reality I was trying to stop the tears that always seemed to be looming.

"I know that everyone seems really busy and emotional right now...but how are you Nina?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I realised that he was the first person to ask me this since I got here. "I mean sometimes things aren't easy...but thats okay." He continued, nudging me slightly.

"I'm...well I'm not great." I admitted, staring at the floor. I felt Ashton's arm wrap around my waist and he brought me in for a warm hug.

"It'll be okay." He insisted, wiping a tear, that had escaped my eye, away. "Aaand you can get an exclusive free T-shirt!" He exclaimed, thrusting the material into my chest.

I opened up the T-shirt and let out a small laugh as Ashton turned to serve the first fans.

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