You're Incredible

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"Whats up buttercup?" Luke asked, motioning to all the food I had laid out on the counter.

"Me and Calum are going on a picnic." I replied, happily packing the basket that I from catering, whoops.

Calum, Michael and Ashton all entered the kitchen and just as Michael's hand made its way to the food in the basket there was a knock on the bus door. Calum opened it up and in came a cute girl with red hair. "Hi." She greeted. "I'm your new groupie."

All the boys said hi to her and I waved a hello, one of the boys managers entered behind the groupie who we now knew was called Tilly, spoke,

"Would one of you guys please show Tilly around?"

"I will!" Calum said, raising his hand as if he were Katniss and was volunteering as tribute.

"But-" I began, looking down at the picnic.

"Sorry babe, but Tilly's new." He insisted.

"Oh, I don't want to intrude." Tilly mumbled, hoping from foot to foot.

"No, its fine." I lied, putting on a strained smile. Calum the groupie and the manger all left the bus and I collapsed on one of the sofas, sighing. Michael's hand had retracted from the basket and I yelled,

"You might as well eat it now! Because obviously me and Calum don't need it."

The boys shared worried looks with each other then Michael came and sat beside me. "Don't be sad." He cooed, wrapping me up in the arms of his black sweater. "You can hang out with us."

"Yeah." Luke agreed, coming to sit next to us even though there was clearly no room.

"What are we going to do then?"

"Well, I just got this new video making app called keek, maybe we can make one of them?" Ashton suggested.

"Sure." I said, smiling.


Turns out we didn't just make one keek we made about 50 of them and had a fun day just chilling out. Calum still wasn't back yet and it was 2am. I kind of hoped he saw the keeks and was jealous, I mean I sure was jealous of him and Tilly; Which I know is dumb but I just can't help it. I guess it comes with the territory.

Me and Ashton were lying on one of the sofas as both Luke and Michael had retired to their bunks. Ashton began to yawn but he quickly covered it up. "You better go to bed." I stated staring at the roof of the bus. Ashton didn't say anything he just threw something at me.

"Ouch! What was that for?!" I demanded, picking up what he had thrown. I examined the plastic to see it was the film 'The incredibles.' I looked at Ashton quizzically.

"Put it on dummy." He chuckled, putting his arms around my waist and burying his head in my shoulder.

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