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•Michael's POV•

"What do you mean?" I asked the crying girl, my voice raspy.

"I think we should break up." She mumbled not even looking me in the fucking eye.

"Stella what, why? Why would you do this?!" I demanded trying to keep my tears in.

"Goodbye Michael." She muttered as she got up and left. Just like that she was gone. I stared at the empty chair biting my lip until I tasted the too familiar metallic liquid when I got a text.

Don't forget we have a lunch at 2pm to meet the actress.

Fuck. I looked at the time and saw it was 1:50pm. I grabbed my jacket and left the cafe and headed to the restaurant huffing as I went; Lets just get this over with.

When I arrived at the restaurant I spotted a girl with long brown hair and knew instantly that it was Nina; The one we were supposed to be meeting. She was beautiful, but she looked a lot like Stella which brought all the pain back so I rushed straight past her as tears made their way to my eyes. I went and sat a booth and lay my head down concealing my sadness.

About 10 minutes later I saw the rest of the boys enter the restaurant and talk to Nina, Calum pointed at me and then they all came over.

"Michael this is Nina." Calum said when they had all sat down. I just grunted in response because I thought if I talked the lump in my throat might grow bigger. Calum sighed and asked. "How did it go with Stella?" Yep the lump in my throat was definitely growing now. So I simply shot Calum a glare pretending I was busy on my phone. "Okay then." He mumbled picking up a menu. Me and Calum were really close but it wasn't like I could tell him about Stella right now, could I?

Nina was conversing with Luke and Ashton then Calum joined in. "Nina would you go order the drinks?"

"Sure." She replied, getting up from her seat. He must of noticed me staring at her as he added. "Michael you go too." Reluctantly I got up and followed her to the bar, I was in no mood for talking.

"So who is Stella?" She asked turning to me. Great. I thought as I pressed my eyes together, don't cry. "I see you're the quiet type." she added. I'd had enough of people for a day.

"I see you're the annoying type." I retaliated, my blood beginning to boil.

"Listen Michael, I'm not one of your little fans you can treat like shit, okay?!" What was she talking about? How dare she call them 'little fans' they mean the world to me.

"You know nothing about me and my fans." I hissed.

"Well after this tour I will." Shit, I forgot about her staying with us. How will I survive being reminded of Stella every day?

"Maybe we don't want you to come with us! No one wants you here, you're just our own private whore."

"Fine." She muttered putting some money down on the counter.

"Wait, where are you going?" I asked quickly. I didn't actually want her to leave, I was just angry.

"Away from you. Goodbye Michael." She left the restaurant and left me with a feeling of utter guilt.

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