Giggle With Me

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"You coming?" Ashton asked, motioning to the door as he picked up his drum sticks ready for the first America show.

"Nah, I'll stay." I mumbled.

"Why so quiet?" Ashton questioned, placing his sticks back on the table and coming to sit next to me.


"Nina.." Ashton, began giving me a 'you're not fooling me' look.

"Listen...Ashton can I tell you something?"

"Anything, kiddo." He replied, bopping me on the nose affectionately. Causing my expression to break into a grin.

Its now or never I said to myself as I began talking. "Ashton...I um, I fancy you." I said, physically wincing as I spoke the words.

I immediately closed my eyes, bracing my body for his reply when I felt two arms wrap around me pulling me into a hug.

I sat awkwardly in Ashton's embrace as he began laughing.

"What?!" I asked, pulling away from him slightly.

"This is awkward-" Ashton began.

"Why what-"

"I like Luke." Ashton stammered, between giggles.

I stared at the celling dumbfounded. I then brought my hand to my head and began laughing.

"Did I just get friend-zoned?"

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