Never Trust The Living

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•Nina's POV•

Where do they keep the godamn popcorn?! I thought to myself as I emptied all the draws of our bus kitchen. I finally found the box and began tugging it out from under some pasta when I heard a clatter. What the hell. I thought to myself as I got down from the chair I was standing on and grabbed a near-by frying pan. The noise got louder and I held the frying pan ready when the kitchen door swung open. "WHO ARE YOU!?" I yelled aimlessly swinging my not so good weapon. The guy who had entered the room pulled back.

"WOAH!" The candy-floss haired boy, squealed. Yep candy-floss hair you guessed it, it was Michael.

"Jesus Christ Michael, you scared me."

"You're scared? I'm not the one who tried to kill you with a frying pan! What are you doing up anyway, its 2am?!"

"I could ask you the same question." I replied, carefully. I had to tread lightly here, I mean this was the longest conversation that me and the douche had, had that hadn't ended in him upsetting me.

"I umm...I came to get some ice cream." He shrugged running his hands through his hair. "You?" He continued walking closer to me.

"I'm getting some popcorn then, then...umm Michael you're stood pretty close to me right now." I said being the most awkward and dumb person ever.

"Yeah, umm you're in the way of the umm freezer." He explained.

"Oh! I'm ssorry." I stuttered, trying to cover up my now crimson cheeks. I moved out the way and he started searching the compartment.

"Anyway, I'm getting popcorn to watch a film as I can't sleep."

"What film are you watching?" He asked, I answered quickly as I was just glad he hadn't shut my conversation down yet.


"Beetlejuice." He stated wrinkling up his nose. "Sounds weird."

"Its my favourite film." I stated.

"Oh, cool." He replied, closing the freezer as he had found the ice cream.

"Hey, Michael do you want to watch the film with me?" He looked at me quizzically then opened his mouth to speak, but I added. "Because the films kind of scary you know, and I'm a scaredy cat, so I don't think I can watch it on my own." It wasn't all a lie.

He seemed to sense that I wasn't been a 100% honest but a small smile took over his features and he said.



I said goodbye to Ashton as he made his way to the stage, drumsticks in hand. It was the afternoon and the band were doing an opened arena concert. I thought this would be better for them I mean with how much they sweat and all, the breeze should help them. Maybe.

My breathing hitched as I saw Michael bounce onto the stage. He started jumping around to the beat of the drums his green hair swaying. Green hair?! I stared at his green hair, black vest and white and black striped pants. One word made its way out of my mouth.


The adorable, amazing, sweet, idiot! He had dressed up as my favourite character, dyed his hair even! My heart couldn't help swelling with admiration for the guy; Maybe he doesn't hate me as much as I thought?

Michael must have noticed me freaking out and he locked eyes with me and grinned as he mouthed the words. "I'm sorry." It didn't take me to long to realise what he was sorry for.

"Nina?" Calum asked coming up behind and snaking his hands around my waist. "Kiss me good luck?" He asked, puckering his lips.

"That was so lame...but I'll still kiss you but only because your cute." I giggled, pressing my lips to his. He kissed my neck before bidding me goodbye and making his way to the stage, but I hardly noticed, as the whole time my eyes were fixed on Michael.

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