Hitting That All Time Low

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"Why do you want to leave??" Nel asked, taking my hand in his.

"You want to leave?!" Michael asked entering the bus followed by all the guys; I hadn't even heard the door open.

"I.." I began, but I choked as my tears held me back.

"You must be her friends." Ashton said to the guys, remembering his manners

"Do you know whats wrong with her?!" Michael questioned, much to Ashton's dismay.

"We just got here and she broke down." Jem explained.

"Says she doesn't want to be here anymore." Will added, running his hand through his jet black hair.

"Nina what is it?" Calum asked me more softly, coming to sit beside me as I fought my tears away.

"The fans hhate me and I should jjust go." I stuttered, I felt foolish, all these guys cared so much about me and I was letting them down.

"Our fans don't hate you." Luke insisted.

Shakily, I brought out my phone and showed all of them the evidence.

After they had all read it Calum stood up and rested his hand by his chin. "Nina our fans don't hate you."

"But you saw th-"

"Those weren't our fans. Anyone who treats you like that is no fan of ours." He continued, trying to reassure me. But it wasn't working.

"Whoever's fans they are, maybe they're right! I don't deserve to be here, why am I even here?"

Finding no answer I continued, "I should just leave."

"Nina." Luke stated. "If you leave I'm leaving as well."

"Me too." Ashton said.

"Me three." Calum added.

"And me." Michael said.

I suddenly felt a warmth grow inside me as I hadn't realised how much I meant to these guys. Would they really leave for me?

"You're as much a part of this band as anyone." Luke insisted.

"You're like our annoying mother." Ashton added.

"Real annoying." Michael stated.

"So will you stay?" Calum asked, looking fiercely into my eyes.

I looked up at all the expectant faces around me and rubbed the tears off my face.

"You better stay bitch." Nel murmured as he leaned into me.

I chuckled and then spoke, "Guess I'll have to stay then."

"Good." Michael replied standing up, "Now get your ass in some nice clothes, we're going to a party."

As he left the room Jem asked, "Is he always that...blunt?"

"Pretty much." Calum replied, going after him


"yOU CaN'T mAke mE!" I yelled, as all the boys basically dragged me into the party. "YoU cAn't tElL mE aLl tImE lOw aRE GOING TO BE HERE AND THEN EXPECT ME TO BE COOL!" I screamed, earning some of the party-goers attention.

I may not have known who 5SOS were but I was a big fan of All Time Low.  

"Come here." Will instructed, dragging me into a secluded section of the party. "Now calm down." How was he so chill?

When I was finally able to talk to human beings and not make a fool of myself we searched for the rest of the boys. I stopped as I spotted them standing with none other than Alex and Jack.

Jack noticed me and asked, "Is that her?"

"Yeah it is, Nina come here!" Michael yelled, making it impossible for me to leave now.

Me and Will made our way over and I joined the boys. "Hi." I greeted, hoping that I didn't sound like an absolute dork.

"Hey." Both of the boys replied. We began a conversation about life on tour and my nerves actually began to ease.

I was just getting into the conversation when Calum tugged on my hand, "Come on we're playing truth or dare."

"I don't want to." I stated, I wanted to continue talking to Jack and Alex.

"Come onn." He moaned, pulling me over to a circle of people. I groaned a little at having been separated with my soul mates when Alex sat down beside me.

We watched a few truths and some dares go on between people who I didn't know, when it landed on Alex and Ashton.

"Ashton truth or dare?" Alex questioned.


"Boring." Alex tutted, but he thought for a second, "Tell your band a secret that none of them know."

Ashton and me caught eyes for a second and I willed him on, he glanced at Luke and then downed the beer that he held in his hand. "Umm Luke."

"Yeah?" Luke who was sat opposite him replied.

"I like you. Like how Michael likes Nina like you." I saw Michael's cheeks redden as well as Luke's.

"I like you too, like how Calum likes Tilly like you."

It was silent for a moment then both Michael and Calum who were also embarrassed did a hoot and the game continued. 

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