Undo All The Pain

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I was sat on a hard plastic chair inside the guys studio and they were recording. It had been two days since me and Michael had kissed. I hadn't told Calum, I hadn't even spoken to Michael since. I avoided all the boys gazes as they sat by mikes ready to sing.

"Can I show a new song I just wrote?" Michael asked, raising his hand slightly as if he were at School.

"Sure dude." Ashton said and all the other guys joined in, encouraging him on.

He took a music sheet out from his jean pocket and began to strum on his guitar.

"Don't talk, let me think it over
How we gonna fix this?
How we gonna undo all the pain?
Tell me, is it even worth it?
Looking through a straight line
Taking back the time we can't replace" He stared at me intently as he sang every line. I tried to not make eye contact but it was hard when everyone else in the room kept looking from me to Michael; Knowing something was up.

"All the crossed wires
Just making us tired
Is it too late to bring us back to life? When I close my eyes and try to sleep
I fall apart, I find it hard to breathe
You're the reason, the only reason
Even though my dizzy head is numb,
I swear my heart is never giving up
You're the reason, the only reason.

I feel you burning under my skin
I swear I see you shining
Brighter than the flame inside your eyes

Bitter words spoken,
Everything broken
It's never too late to bring us back to life

Oh, oh, oh, only reason, the only reason
Oh, oh, oh, only reason, the only reason

Don't talk, let me think it over
How we gonna fix this?
How we gonna undo all the pain?" He finished off the song and was still staring at me. By this point my whole face was red and Calum was looking at me a confused look so severe on his face it looked as if it would stay there forever.

I couldn't take the silence or Michael's glare or everyone staring at me, so I ran.

I practically jumped out of my seat and ran out the room. I kept going until I found a door that read 'Quiet room'. Perfect. I had just entered the room when someone behind me grabbed my hand.

"Nina wait!" Michael called, turning me around to face him.

"No Michael! What do you think you are doing?! You can't just do that! All the boys know somethings up now! Calum knows!" I yelled, covering my face with hands as I processed what I had just said...oh god Calum knows.

"Nina I'm sorry okay! I'm sorry that I want to write a song about how it feels to have you in my arms!" He screamed, raising his fist involuntarily then lowering it again.

"I shouldn't want to do that!" He began, pacing frantically in the small room and rubbing his face. "I should be thinking about how I've betrayed one of my best friends but all I can think about is you!"

He then turned and flung the door open. Before he left me he faced me again and spat.

"All I can think about is you."

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