Very Jet Lagged Boys

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"Smell this one." Luke instructed, putting the perfume under my nose; We were in an airport on our way to Japan, I was keeping an eye on the boarding signs as I didn't want a repeat of our first airport experience. We were going to "JAPAN!" Michael squealed, waving a little flag; he was excited.

The boys had never been to Japan before and neither had I, it was going to be a new experience.

We boarded a normal plane (this time) on time (this time) and I was placed next to Calum who gazed out of the window wistfully. "How come Tilly couldn't come?"

"She had to take care of some things back home." He said, sighing dramatically.

"You'll live." I said, plopping in my headphones.

"Will I?" Calum asked, but I had already turned on my music.


"JAPAN! JAPAN! JAPAN!" The boys shouted as we ran down the terminal, we'd been told that there would be fans waiting to greet us so the guys were eager to see them.

When we rounded the corner we were met with a sea of fans...actually  like five seas. They were all waiting patiently behind a rope but when they saw the band screams erupted.

All four boys had looks of delight on their face as they went from to fan to fan, I watched them, loving every minute of it.


"Good morning." I greeted, as four very jet lagged boys joined me and their tour manager for breakfast in our hotel, which was amazing by the way.

They all sat around us and I continued sipping on my coffee. "So the plan for today is for you guys to stay inside the hotel, get some rest for the big show tomorrow."

I sat there silently screaming, how could he expect us to stay inside all day?! We were in Japan!

Disappointingly all the guys seemed to silently agree and they went off to the buffet table. "I'll be off then." Gary, the tour manager stated, getting up from his seat, "Take care of them."

I waved a goodbye just as the boys returned. "So Netflix all day it is, I guess"

"Ahh Nina so naive." Calum tutted teasingly.

"What?" I asked.

"We're not staying here." Luke explained.

"But Gary-"

"Gary can't expect us to stay in a hotel all day while we are in Japan!" Ashton added.

Michael got up, suddenly a lot less sleepy then he had previously looked, "Lets go out."


"To the arcade!" Luke announced leading the way, or the way he thought it was.

Me and Michael hung back a little bit, walking at a leisurely place, "It really is beautiful." I breathed.

"Yeah." Michael agreed, his eyes fluttering hesitantly.

"We should go in there!" I shouted, while also gasping, we were walking past a park with the biggest cherry blossom trees that I had ever seen, in full bloom.

Michael glanced at the others who were way ahead then back at me, the corners of his mouth titled up slightly, "Okay." He quickly, took my hand and pulled me in the opposite direction to the entrance of the park.

He led me under a tree and sprawled on the ground, causing his snapback to topple off. His hair flopped to the side and he began catching the falling blossoms with his sweater sleeves pulled right around his hands.

I watched for a minute then forced myself to sit beside him, scared he'd notice me staring I grabbed his fallen hat and leant in to place it back on his head.

I put it over his hair and was about to fasten it when Michael clutched my arms, he drew me closer to him and his eyes searched mine.

We stared back at each other and Michael leaned in slightly, then stopped.

Finally, with the cherry blossoms falling peacefully around us he closed the gap and brought his mouth gently to mine.

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