The Darkest Night

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•Michael's POV•

I rolled my eyes as Nina asked our tour manger endless questions. After her bugging him and me for 10 minutes they went to the catering room for coffee.

Relieved, I closed my eyes trying to stifle the headache that had plagued me all day on the tour bus when Nina came skipping back,

"Michael!" She yelled, "The managers letting me check out the stage and he said you'd know where it is!"

I glared at her for a few seconds before she continued,

"So do you know where it is?!"

I did know where the stage was but I was still hurt from her previous actions so I thought for a moment then spoke, "It's two corridors down, big pink door."

"Thanks!" She said already walking in that direction.


"Wheres Nina?" Calum asked, as he walked past my space on the floor.

"She went to look at the stage, but I sent her to the empty practise one." I explained, snickering.


"What, wh- whats wrong?!" I questioned, all traces of laughter gone from my voice.


As soon as Calum spoke I began running in the direction I told Nina to go. What had I done?!

Calum had run in the opposite direction, probably to get the medical team.

I got to the pink door and was about to enter when it was flung open. Nina flung herself right out of the room and straight into my arms.

She was crying and I wiped the tears from her eyes and mumbled sorrys over and over.

"Are you hurt?!" I demanded, my voice breaking as my emotions took over. Desperately, I checked her for burns.

"Hurrrt?" She asked, choking on her tears.

"Yeah, because you're crying."

"I'm crying because there was a really loud noise on the stage and it scared me." She stated, sniffing.

I closed my eyes, relief filling my body. "You're an idiot." I mumbled, still crying but laughing.

"Don't laugh at me!" She said between tears, but I just smiled, pulling her closer to me.

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