I'm melllting

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•Nina's POV•

"Hey smell this one." Luke sniggered, placing the perfume under my nose.

"Ugh, what is that?!" I yelled, gaining a few stares from other duty free shoppers.

"Its called Manly Musk. I'm gonna buy it for Calum."

"Great idea." I replied looking around the airport. "Speaking of Calum where are the other guys?"

"Probably boarding." Luke shrugged.


"Yeah our plane started boarding ten minutes ago..." Luke began then exchanged a worried look with me. "Lets go."

"Yep." I muttered as we put the gross perfume back and ran like lunatics across the airport.
"Why are there so many godamn corridors?!" I yelled as we skidded round a corner almost crashing into a polish family.

"There it is!" Luke yelled back pointing. I looked to see all the other guys just lounging about by the boarding gate. Not.on.the.plane.

"Luke what the heck?!" I shouted turning to the boy who was now bent over laughing.

"We have a private plane, it'll leave whenever we want."

"I freaking hate you!" I screamed, punching his arm with all the strength I could muster. (Which wasn't very much.)

"Sorry." Luke mumbled but he was still grinning like an idiot.


About 5hours into the flight and many marvel films later, my bladder finally gave in and I desperately needed a toilet. I delicately removed Ashton's head from my shoulder where he had fallen asleep prior and tiptoed to the shared bathroom. I cracked the door open a little then abruptly stood back from it. Calum and Michael were in their. Together. I put my eye up to the crack and realised they were having a sort of 'hearts to heart.' I would've and should've left then, but something told me this would be my only chance to ever find out anything about the mysterious boy that was Michael. 

"Michael what happened between you and Stella?" Calum asked crossing his arms and leaning against the sink.

"She broke up with me. Not after cheating on me for 5 months, but whatever, I'm over it." Michael replied playing with his hair and attempting to hide the cracks in his voice but if I heard them, I'm sure Calum did as well.

"And is this why you were a dick to Nina?" I smiled at Calum standing up for me, maybe now I could find out why he took an instant disliking to me.

"No I just don't like her." Michael stated. Well okay, I did nothing to you Mr I dye my hair all the time and have perfect green eyes. At Calum's glare he added. "I know that may sound harsh, but we just don't click, some people don't."

"Well regardless of clicking or not I want you to stop being a jerk towards her." When Michael said nothing Calum added. "For me?" The same thing he said to me when I wanted to leave; I wondered if his eyes made Michael melt.

And apparently they did as Michael agreed and they shared a quick hug. I turned back to my seat then as I could see these two boys were close and I didn't want to intrude on their friendship by saying I needed a piss.

"Hey Nina, what are you doing up?" Luke asked also walking around the plane.

"I was going to go to the toilet, and if thats where you were headed don't bother, Michael and Calum are having some sort of bro-fest in there."

"I'm not surprised they do that a lot." Luke mumbled. We both went back to my seat and I found I was smiling. Maybe this wouldn't be so bad.

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