How Did We End Up Here?

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•Nina's POV•

"Okay guys be back at the car by ten past." Bruce, one of the guys security guards, instructed us.

"See ya." Michael said, draping his arm over my shoulders.

We had stopped in California and had a spare hour to spend looking at the sights. And of course all the boys wanted to do was go shopping.

"pIKACHU!" Michael squealed, upon seeing a Pokemon store.

Him and Calum charged into the shop leaving me, Ashton and Luke to follow behind; laughing.

"Your friends are coming tomorrow aren't they?" Ashton asked, walking beside me.

"Yeah." I replied, smiling happily at the thought of seeing them again.

"Are any of them hot?" Luke questioned.

"They are all very good looking guys." I said chuckling and catching Ashton's eyes.

We entered the shop and went to where Michael and Calum were having a full on freak out about how many teddies were in the shop.

Wandering around I browsed all the different games you could get when three girls huddled outside the shop caught my attention.

They were all pointing towards the boys talking in excited whispers. Shit. I thought to myself as they began taking pictures, obviously fans of the boys. An un-easy feeling began to grow in the pit of my stomach but I brushed it off.

After twenty minutes of browsing I glanced outside again to see three more girls had joined the first ones.

I went over to the boys and began to whisper, "I think we should get out of here-"

But it was too late. In just seconds it seemed a crowd of teenage girls had gathered outside the shop and were beginning to pile in.

"Call Bruce now." Ashton muttered to Luke.

Michael pulled me closer protectively as the store clerks attempted to keep the fans out.

"He's outside." Luke muttered back.

We all directed our views to outside and realised we would have to go through the mob to get to Bruce.

"Lets go then." Calum began, striding in front.

"Wait." I breathed, grabbing onto Calum's arm and closing my eyes for a second as my vision became blurred and I tried to regain my breath.

"Nina, Nina whats wrong?" Michael asked, putting his hands on my cheeks.

"So. Many. People."

The boys waited with me until I was ready to carry on and then they created a protective barrier all around me, never once letting any of the fans touch me.

Then when we got to the car I was the first to enter and crash onto the leather seats.


'See ya', I texted back to Will as I lay in my bunk.

The guys had gone out and I didn't join them, still reeling in the days events.

Bored, I went onto twitter and saw that I had multiple notifications. Gulping, I clicked on them, I'd never gotten this many before.

Tears stung my eyes as I read message upon message of abuse, all directed at me.

'How can someone like that be hanging out with the boys?'


'She's not even pretty'

I threw my phone as I had seen enough. Maybe they were right?

I didn't deserve to be here, what was I even doing?

With tears streaming and doubts running through my head I decided to burry my head under my pillow and eventually fall into a fitful sleep.


"Heeeelloooo." Someone yelled, tapping on the bus door.

My head snapped up immediately and I hopped out of my bunk.

I opened the door and was crushed by boys. "NINA!" They all yelled, hugging me one by one.

"Guys." I said, wiping a stray tear from my eye. Having them here made me realise just how much I missed them. "Guys." I repeated this time my voice cracked.

"Wait, whats wrong?!" Nel demanded, hushing the rest of the guys.


"What?" Jem asked softly, placing his hand in mine.

"I want to go home."

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