This Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

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"IM DEAD!" I yelled, from my position on the floor. "I AM LITERALLY AND UTTERLY DEAD!"

The boys looked down on me from the couch where they were studying the magazine I had handed to them. "Where did you get this?" Luke strangled out between laughs.

"A fan." I breathed, holding my now aching stomach.

"What?! We look good!" Ashton protested. "I especially love Luke's peace symbol."

"Can someone show this to Michael?" I asked, sitting up slightly.

"Yeah, you can baby." Calum replied.

"Umm no. I'd rather not die today."

"We need to destroy this picture." Calum stated taking the magazine from the other two.

"No Calum!" I yelled, launching myself up and snatching the magazine. But Calum held on causing me to pull him down with me. "Ow." I chuckled. As Calum hovered over my body, laughing.

"That looks cosy." Michael muttered, entering the room. I blushed slightly and Calum helped me up from the floor.

"As you're all here we have something to tell you." Calum announced taking my hand in his. "Me and Nina are going out."

"Thats great!" Chorused both Ashton and Luke. Calum then got various pats on the back and high fives from the boys. But Michael did nothing. I stood still holding onto Calum's hand waiting for Michael to react. I mean he is Calum's best friend after all. He trained his eyes on the ground then he slowly raised them to look at me. I thought I saw a flash of something in them...rage maybe..?


•Michael's POV•

After playing on my phone for a bit I decided it was time to grace the others with my presence. Sighing, I pulled back my curtain and hopped down from the bunk.

I made my way to the living area of the bus where I knew they would all be. I entered the room just in time to see Nina pull Calum right on top of herself.

"Ow." Nina chuckled wriggling her nose.

"That looks cosy." I muttered, entering the room. I saw Nina blush as Calum helped her up... wait did she like him?

"As you're all here we have something to tell you." Calum announced. We?

Then Calum did something unexpected he took Nina's small hand into his.

"Me and Nina are going out."

They're going out?! When the fuck did this happen?! I thought to myself as my fist unwillingly clenched.

The rest of the band began cheering and congratulating. I cast my eyes right to the ground to conceal the rage that had settled inside them. I felt eyes burning holes into my head and I raised it slowly to see Nina. She was looking at me expectantly. What did she want me to do? Bake them a fucking cake?!

My fist clenched so hard I'm sure the bone must've been visible. "What a slut." I muttered under my breath, but by the sudden silence I guessed that everyone had heard.

"Excuse me?" Nina asked, her voice laced with shock.

"I said you're a slut." I replied, matter of factly.

"Michael, what the fuck?!" Calum demanded, motioning to the now wounded Nina.

"What?!" I demanded. "We were all thinking the same thing! She gets with you after what two weeks of touring?! Wake the fuck up Calum, shes using you!"

"You disgust me." Nina spat.

I looked at Luke and Ashton to back me up but they just looked gravely into the distance.

"I disgust you?!" I asked Nina, harshly. "Just look in a mirror darling."

"Michael, I won't let you talk to Nina like that!" Calum bellowed, moving closer to me. "Why are you saying these things?!"

"Don't you see I'm trying to protect you!" I shouted.

"Protect me from what?! Cheating girlfriends? News flash Michael we aren't all you." I felt a pang in my chest as Calum said those words, the worst part is that they were true. Calum looked apologetic for a second but he soon brushed it aside. "Face it Michael, you don't want to see other people happy while your life sucks!" He continued, tugging Nina to the door with him. "The only person you're 'protecting' is yourself."

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