5 Seconds of Sexism

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I put the last of my powder on my face concealing the bags that had settled under my eyes; I hadn't been sleeping much lately.

I'd been kept up with thoughts of Michael and Calum, everything was so confused.

But I took a deep breath and exited the bus. Tonight was going to be great, it was their second show at the same arena the 'Barclaycard Arena' in Birmingham to be precise. The crowd yesterday had been wild, so we had no clue what to expect today.

I stood a bit away from the boys backstage, me and Michael still hadn't cleared the air and every time I spoke to Calum I thought my heart may burst.

To distract myself I peeked my head out into the crowd; Woah. There were loads of people and they all looked so excited, even people at the very back of the arena were dancing along to the pre-show music. They had all come out just to feel the amazing atmosphere of a concert. And I got to feel that feeling every night.

I grinned as Ashton joined me by the side of the stage; Almost ready to go on.

"You know you guys are so lucky to have such supportive fans." I breathed, as my eyes wondered all around the masses of people.

"Yeah I guess, but sometimes I wish we had more boy fans you know." He stated, twiddling the drum stick he was holding between his fingers.

I took a step back and looked at him quizzically. "You're kidding right?!"

"Of course I am!" Ashton replied, giggling. "As if I care what my fans have between their legs, no genders opinions are more valid than the others. But your reaction was priceless."🐸☕️

"Just get on stage!" I yelled to the annoying boy as he did just that.


"Beee beep boop."

"Luke shush!" I yelled, as I threw ketchup at him from the other side of the bus.

"What? I'm bored." He sighed, throwing his hand over his forehead dramatically.

"And I'm Nina, nice to meet you bored." I giggled, as I continued reading my book.

"Play with me?" Luke asked, standing directly above me.

"Go to sleep?" I asked, looking up at his cute face.

"Playing it is." He murmured, snaking his arms around my waist and carrying me from the bunk.

"HaAy!!" I shrieked as I dropped my book onto the bus floor and Luke lay me down on the sofa. "I had just got comfy."

"Now hug." He said, crushing me with his spaghetti arms and pulling me into his chest.

"Luke, I really nee-" I began, my face smushed against his body.

"Hug." He repeated, burying his head into my shoulder and scratching me with his gelled hair.

"I-" I continued, struggling a little.

After realising my attempts were futile and that this fat ass would never move I put my arms and around him and sighed. "Hug."

// AN: This chapter was based on my concert last year !!! Aka the best concert, lul. And the picture is one I took from the concert :3

P,s who's still salty w/ 5sos?🐸☕️ //

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