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"I need kafffeee!" Ashton squealed as he made a cup for him and me. We were backstage at the boy's next venue. But it didn't start for another five hours so we had plenty of time to kill. Ashton came and sat back down next to me on the small couch and he pulled the blanket covering me onto himself as well, we sat with our legs on top of each other trying to absorb as much heat as we could; England wasn't warm. He handed me my cup and I took it gratefully holding it through the blanket.

"So Ashton, how did your band end up this big? Because from the looks of your fans last night I wouldn't say you are just some one shot wonder thing."

"Well I didn't start the band the other boys did and I auditioned, got in and we posted covers on youtube. We got a good fanbase and begun to do shows. Then it all changed when One Direction asked us to open for them."

"Now them I have heard of." I said, giggling into my mug.

"We owe it all to the fans really, you know I remember after we got the call I ran right up to my little brother and just cried. I didn't tell him why but he sure was confused." Ashton continued, chuckling.

"Your poor brother!"

"How many siblings do you have?" He asked, after a while.

"None, I'm an only child, a lonely loner, alone aga-"

"Well now you have us." He replied smiling.

"Are you saying you want to be my brother? Woah I've been brother zoned haven't I."

"No! I just meant we are all here for you." Ashton quickly insisted.

"Yeah well I don't think all of you are." I mumbled as Michael entered the room.

"Hey Mikoy." Ashton greeted yawning. "Would you like to join our snuggle club?"

"I'm good thanks." Michael replied. I didn't say anything as I was too busy staring at Michael's hair, he had died it a sort of pinky purple colour.

"You like my hair?" Michael asked, smirking.

"It looks like candyfloss." I stated. Gaining a laugh from Ashton and a scowl from Michael.

"Well, I'm going to leave you two guys, I need to look over my lines." I sighed, feeling the obvious tension I had caused in the room.

"Bye!" Ashton called, as I left the room and saw Michael crash beside him in my place. Guess he did want to join the club after all.

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