I'm Kinda Hot Tho

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"Welcome to America!" Calum bellowed, opening his arms out wide as we stepped off the private jet.

We were quickly bundled into a car and I was sandwiched between Ashton and Luke.

As we drove Luke sighed awkwardly and rubbed his hands on his legs, not knowing how to act; Luckily Ashton seemed unaware.

After I confessed my love for Ashton to Luke he realised that I wasn't the one for him.

Luke cast his eyes over to me and I glared back at him mouthing 'stop'.


"Its time!" Ashton announced as we all sat around the laptop.

The boys were doing a live-stream...well actually they weren't doing anything. They were going to make their fans watch a guy spray painting a wall for an hour; Dickheads.

"You guys are so mean!" I stated crossing my arms as I saw the viewer count on the stream shooting up.

"Hey dude." Calum said as their manager entered the room.

"I have something exciting for you guys!" He said grinning. As soon as he said the words four girls came in all holding plaques.

The boys all immediately stood up. Even Michael who had been mopping the past few days.

Everyone high fived and I got hugged by about six people.

"Nina take a picture!" Ashton said handing me his phone.

So I stood in front of the boys and took a picture for their twitter as they all beamed back at me.

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