101% Douche

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Am I early? I thought to myself as I looked around the almost empty restaurant. I actually didn't know who I was looking for; But I had been told one of them had black and white hair. And as if by magic a boy with black and white hair came through the entrance.

"Hi, ar-." I began but he just ignored me and walked further into the restaurant. Rude.

I went and sat at the bar my eyes glued to the door. I was determined to meet this band. About 10 minutes later three boys in black skinny jeans came in.

"Are you umm...5 Summer seconds?" I asked attempting to read the scruffy notes my agent had left me.

"No." One with black hair chuckled in a thick Australian accent. "But we are 5 Seconds of Summer." He continued taking my notes out of my hand gently. "And you're Nina."

"Yeah, nice to meet you." I greeted. I was just happy that I had finally found these guys.

"I'm Ashton." One with brown hair behind a bandana said, grinning.

"I'm Luke." The tallest one with blonde hair greeted.

"I'm Calum." The one who was currently holding my notes said. "And that is Michael."

I looked to where he was pointing and of course Michael was that cruelladavile wanna be. I followed the boys to the table Michael was sprawled at and was pleasantly surprised when Luke pulled my chair out for me; A least one of them had manners.

I sat between Calum and Ashton far away from Michael.

"Michael this is Nina." Calum said introducing us both. Michael grunted in response and Calum sighed saying. "How did it go with Stella?" Michael didn't reply he simply shot Calum a glare then went back to playing on his phone.

"Okay then." Calum mumbled reaching for a menu.

"Don't worry he's not always like that." Ashton muttered to me. I'd beg to differ. "You'll have fun with us on tour, it'll be great!"

"Yeah its our first headlining tour!" Luke added smiling.

"Nina could you go order the drinks?" Calum asked.

"Sure." I replied getting up from my seat.

"Michael you go too." Calum added. Michael looked annoyed but he got up and followed me to the counter. After I had ordered the drinks I tried some conversation.

"So who is Stella?" After no reply I added. "I see you're the quiet type."

He quickly retaliated. "I see you're the annoying type."

"Listen Michael, I'm not one of your little fans that you can treat like shit, okay?!"

"You know nothing about me and my fans." He hissed.

"Well after this tour I will!"

"Maybe we don't want you to come with us! No one wants you here, you're just our own private whore."

I could feel tears in my eyes, great. My first day and I already wanted to go home. "Fine." I muttered putting some money down on the counter.

"Wait, where are you going?"

"Away from you. Goodbye Michael."

I rushed out of the restaurant and rested against the building. Fuck. After 2 minutes of heavy breathing I heard someone calling my name.

"Nina!" Calum yelled then stopped when he saw me against the wall. "Why did you leave?" He asked softly.

"I ddon't think I can stand a whole year on a tour with tthat." I stuttered tears covering my face.

"Come on Nina, you can do this. You have me Ashton and Luke to get you through it." He coaxed wiping a tear from my face with his thumb. "Please stay, for me?"

I know I didn't know this boy but I did know that looking into his eyes made me melt. "I'll stay." I mumbled, smiling a little.

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