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"Moring." Michael groaned, pushing a cup of steaming coffee towards me.

"Why so grumpy?" I asked, exaggerating his frown.

"Mornings." He answered.

"I see." I chuckled, taking a sip of the coffee, when two hands found their way to my waist. "Good Morning, Calum." I greeted turning around to smile up at him; How was he always so hot after just waking up? I for one was not a morning person. I saw his lips make a move for mine and I moved my face quickly so he collided with my cheek instead. He frowned slightly but his hold on me didn't falter.

"Don't let me interrupt you." Michael said, dragging his tired self out of the room.

"So whats with Michael's hair?" Calum asked as this time he kissed me on the lips.

I was going to tell Calum the truth but there wasn't much point plus I didn't want to create tension. Wait. Why would that create tension? Its not like he declared his love for you Nina! I said to myself and Calum looked at me with his head to one side. "I have no clue, I thought he just liked to dye his hair." I mumbled, shrugging.


"Okay, guys thats great! Could you all lie on the floor now with all of your heads meeting in the middle?" The photographer asked the boys, her hand on her hip. We were at a photoshoot for the guys, me and their managers and body guards were watching them prance about.

I laughed as Michael's green hair tickled Calum's neck. "Hey, Nina if you think its so funny then why don't you come down here and be in the photo?" Calum asked, spitting green hair out of his mouth.

"I'm good thanks." I chuckled, taking pictures of the boys on my phone.

"Okay thats all the photos." The woman said, beaming as she snapped the last shot. "I'll just go and get them loaded on the computer to show you."

I ran at the boys who were still sprawled across the floor and charged into Calum. "You smell!" He moaned pushing me off of him and into Michael. Michael caught me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I ignored the chills that got sent up my skin and every time Michael's skin collided with mine. He rested his head on my shoulder then looked into my eyes smiling. "Haaaay."

"Hello." I mumbled back.

Michael seemed to remember who's presence we were in and he gently pushed me off his lap.

"Jesus Michael, you've certainly changed your tune." Calum stated.

"Yeah, well I hadn't realised how cool Nina is." He replied, shrugging.

"Oh stop Michele, you're making me blush." I said fanning myself. He smirked sarcastically and lay back down.

"I guess the directors must've seen how cool you are as well." Luke said.

"Yeah they think you're cool enough to play rockstars like us." Ashton joked, nudging me.

"What actually is your role?" Calum asked.

"I'm the front woman of a huge rock band." I said smiling as I remembered the role I had landed.

"So are we helping you?" Luke asked.

"If not, I can teach you." Calum said, bringing his lips to mine. And he kissed me but this time I didn't close my eyes and all I could see was Michael making throw up faces while laying on the oak floor.

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