The Start Of An English Love Affair

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"Goooodmorning." Calum mumbled as he saw my eyes flutter open.

"Are we in England?" I asked sleepily, stretching my arms out in front of me.

"Indeed M'lady." He replied putting on an English accent.

When all the boys had woken up we got off of the plane and found the tour bus.

"Woah, your tour bus is huge!" I exclaimed motioning to the giant metallic beast.

"You mean our tour bus." Ashton reminded me chuckling.

After a brief talk from one of their management team they handed us all our own set of keys. We entered the tour bus and Luke bounded onto it like a little kid. "Shot gun on a top bunk!"

Michael who I hadn't uttered a word to since the whole restaurant 'incident'; Not that I wanted to. Went straight to one of the bunks, plugged his headphones in and pulled the curtain closed, blocking us out.

"I guess Michael calls that one." I muttered.


"So what genre of music are you guys?" I asked the boys as we all sat on the tour bus sofas. (Excluding Michael)

"Kind of pop punk/pop rock kind of thing." Ashton replied.

"Cool, when will I hear your stuff?"

"You can hear it tonight at our first UK concert; London baby!" Calum announced putting on yet another English accent. After a few minutes Calum continued. "So tell us about yourself Nina."

"What do you want to know?"

"Well you're from America right?" Luke asked.

"Wow, I thought no one knew!" I mock gasped.

"Aha very funny, but seriously what part are you from?"

"I'm from Florida." I replied smiling.

"Oh I like Florida, that's where disney is!" Ashton smiled.

"You know, Ashton you'd make a great disney princess." Calum chuckled.

"Yeah with your hair you could definitely pull it off." Luke chimed in.

"I'm getting a sort of sleeping beauty vibe." I said laughing also.

"No you know I think Michael's got that covered."


"Okay boys 5 minutes till go time!" Their manger called.

We were all sat in their dressing room as the boys were dancing to Blink 182 and Calum was filming it. "This is going straight on our twitter." He announced, laughing. Even Michael was chipper as they all did their pre-show warm ups.

Then the boys were being called to the stage and I followed them to a side of it.

"Wish us luck!" Ashton called as he left, seeing as he was the first to go on with the drums. After 5 minutes of Ashton torturing the fans, their desperate cries still audible above the beat of the drums the other boys began leaving until it was just me and Michael back stage. He got his que and as he was leaving I quickly yelled.

"Good luck!"

He didn't reply but I saw the smallest hint of a smile flash across his features.

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