Could Have Fooled Me

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"Is this dress okay?" I asked the boys while fiddling with the straps.

"Perfect." Luke replied smiling, as Ashton tied up his tie for him.

"Not too showy?" I questioned, looking at the way the fabric hung tightly to my curves.

"You look great okay." Ashton insisted, pausing with Luke's tie for a second. "So stop worrying."

I sighed and left the room but I couldn't keep a light smile off my face.

"Hey." I greeted, meeting Calum and Tilly in the hotels hallway.

"Michaels waiting by the car." Calum stated absentmindedly, staring at Tilly.

Me and Tilly both shared a 'boys' look and I squeezed my way past them, "I'll just go...check on him."

"Woah." Michael breathed, when I finally met him outside. "You look beautiful." I stood beside him so the blush surfacing on my cheeks wouldn't be as noticeable. "Now you do me." He continued, grinning.

"You look...nice."

"Damn, I knew I should have worn my fedora."

"No." I said, holding a finger up to him as we both clambered into the car, me a little more gracefully than Michael.

"Lets go."


"I've never been to an award show before." I said as we were all shown to our table near the stage.

"Really?" Ashton asked, "Could have fooled me."

We took our seats; me beside Michael. And the show began. Half way through I felt a familiar tightening in my chest and I kept looking at how many people were in the arena. So many.

I took a gulp of water and pressed my panic down but it began to bubble over. Not again. I thought, pinching myself. Trying anything to stop this from happening.

Michael who had noticed my fidgeting leaned over, "You okay?"

"Yeah fine." I lied, trying to hide the nails that I was now digging deeply into my skin, but Michael saw.

"Hey hey hey." He whispered, taking my hands away from each other. "Whats wrong?"

"Its happening again, Michael its happening...the same thing outside the...the-"

"Shop?" He questioned. When I nodded in reply, his face became more serious and worry pulled his eyebrows together. "Listen to me Nina." He coaxed, making sure only I could hear him. "You're having a panic attack, I need you to try to calm your breathing."

"I'll try."

"You're going to be okay." He continued, taking my hand and cradling it in his.

I stared at our intertwined hands and slowly but surely my breathing started to return to normal.

I kept my eyes trained on our hands throughout the whole show, sure his hands would leave me soon. But they never did.

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