Its A Dog Eat Dog World

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•Calum's POV•

"Yo guys there are dogs over there!" Nina squealed, running over to the dogs that were indeed back stage at our show.

"Awh pug!" Michael exclaimed, picking up the small animal and practically dying from its cuteness.

"We should get a tour dog!" Luke announced. "Can we get a tour dog? Lets get a tour dog."

Ashton was giggling at Luke's silliness and went to help the management set up the stage. "Always the giver." Michael murmured, making Nina laugh.

"Theres more dogs in the back." Bill, our body guard, told us and Luke's face lit up.

"Let go!!" Nina ordered, as she noticed Tilly coming over. "Calum?" She continued looking at me expectantly.

"Umm, I'll stay here." I muttered, rubbing my neck.

She pursed her lips together then began to turn. "Okay then, I'll see you later."

I tensed as she placed her hand into Michaels but I decided to brush it off; It was my fault really.

"I don't think Nina likes me." Tilly stated, once the others have left.

"I'm sure she does." I assured her, taking her hand in mine.

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