Crying And The Pain

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"I'm so excited!" Nel yelled, as he helped Jem into his suit. I smiled at the three boys; they'd all insisted on going in tuxedos. We were only going to the cinema to watch a movie.

I had opted for a simple black dress and heeled boots. On the way to the cinema all the guys were so excited and I tried to join in but I'd been finding myself becoming absent lately. Ever since I left the guys. Ever since I'd left Michael.

We'd left on good terms, I think. So good in fact that we hadn't spoken in four months and we were no longer a thing...were we ever really a thing? Deciding that the distance was too much for us was the worst conclusion I'd come to in my life.

"We're here!" Will called, snapping me out of my trance. I plastered on a smile and we exited the car and made our way into the cinema and up to the ticket desk.

We began to order but I just stared in awe at all the posters of me....this was amazing.

Too soon we were ready to head inside but I told the guys, "I need a minute."

They nodded in understanding and entered the cinema. I walked straight over to the biggest cardboard cut out of me and ran my fingers over where it said my name, my name.

"Excuse me, could I have your autograph?"

I froze as I heard the voice...that voice, it couldn't be.

Slowly I turned to look, expecting myself to be dreaming but I was greeted with blonde hair and arm tattoos. Michael.

Putting all the crying and the pain of the last four months behind me I ran and jumped at him. He caught me easily and pulled me closer to him; burying his head into my hair.

"I'm so sorry." He said, his voice muffled by my hair.

"I'm sorry too." I replied, pulling away slightly, so I could examine his face. "Wwhat are you doing here?" I stuttered, wiping my nose.

"I missed you." He stated, letting me down and then pulling me closer to him again, so close that our foreheads met. His eyes found mine and held on, "I love you." He whispered, but I had heard and I loved him too.

"I love you too." I said almost urgently, as if I didn't tell him now, I never would.

His lips found mine first and my tears ran over our lips; I was happy. He pulled, away slightly, and I groaned in annoyance. "Come on..." He said, stroking my hand that was gripped tightly onto his.

"We're going to miss the movie." As we walked towards the doors he turned down to look at me and spoke,

"I could never just leave you. I'm wrapped around your finger remember?"



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