But Can We Live Like Jack and Sally?

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•Nina's POV•

"I miss you.."

I sat silently as the boys finished their recording, until the supervisor gave them the thumbs up to say that it had finished.

"You guys were amazing!" I exclaimed as the guys began taking off their ear pieces and grinning at each other.

"Really? I thought Luke was a little flat." Ashton chuckled, coming to sit beside me on the small sofa.

"Oh yeah...there was that." I agreed.

"Don't be mean!" Luke protested as he placed his bass into its holder.

"I just got a text from Dan." Calum announced, peering down at his phone.

"Whats it say?" Michael asked while he plopped grapes, from the buffet table, into his mouth.

"Tilly and him are waiting outside...but they can't get in."

"Of course they can't." I muttered, running my hands through my hair.

"We need to go and bring them up." Calum continued, ignoring my remark.

"You guys go, I'm lazy." Michael groaned from his position on the floor.

"Okay, we'll be right back." Calum said, looking at me.

"Cool." I replied, not taking my eyes off of the floor. Calum sighed then led the two other boys from the room, slamming the door as they went.



"I was just going to ask if you wanted a grape." Michael stated innocently.

After about 5 minutes Michael became restless and began looking around the studio for something to entertain himself with; He dug around in a store cupboard and resurfaced with a swegway. Oh god.

I watched as he placed one foot after the other on the contraption and used the wall to steady himself. He began spinning around the studio and holding out his arms.

"I want one!" Michael yelled, as he past me for the fifth time. I sighed once more and began playing on my phone. "Come here." He called.

I shook my head causing him to pout. "Please?" Well what did I have to lose? I hauled myself up and joined Michael by the wall. "You want a go?"

"I'll fall."

"And I'll catch you." He stated, placing his hand on my arm.

"Fine." I mumbled. I was going to regret this.

He helped me climb onto the moving monstrosity and he placed me so I was in the middle of the studio. Every time he moved more of his torso would be revealed through his 'Metallica' tank...hellooo Michael.

Wait what was I doing? Stop staring at his body he's going to see!

But thankfully he was deep in concentration making sure I didn't fall to my certain death.

"Okay...now I'm going to let you go on your own." He said, taking a step away from me.

"No! MichaEL!" I squealed my voice drenched in panic as I began falling off the board instantly.

"Its okay I got you." He coaxed as his hands caught my waist. And he did have me, we were positioned in a way that meant I was pushed up against the black wall of the studio. His hands were tracing circles on my waist to ensure that I knew I was safe and grounded. My hands somehow made their way to his red hair, entangling the mess with my fingers.

Michael's eyes widened in surprise and so did mine as he somehow got the courage to lunge forward and press his lips softly onto mine; And boy did I regret it.

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