Does She Run Run Run

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I sat back stage in the dressing room, my head leant against the wall.

Today was the first time on the whole tour that I had not seen the boys off. We were in London and I knew it was going to be a crazy show, maybe even the best yet. But I didnt have the energy to pretend that everything was alright when in reality it was so fucked up.


Sighing, I sat still in the dressing room. I suspected the concert would be nearly finished and I groped around for my bag in search of something to stop my mind from exploding of boredom. When I heard someone shouting from outside the room.

I edged the door open and strained my ears to hear what the staff were yelling about, I only managed to catch certain phrases but what I heard made my heart stop.

"He caught on fire!"

"The effects from the stage caught his hair!"

By this point I had the door fully open and I left the room. "What, whats going on?!" I asked the staff who were gathered there. I looked around at all their faces as I yelled, "Who's hurt?!"

One of the woman pressed her walkie talkie to her ear and then spoke, "Its Michael."

I felt like the ground was dropping beneath me but then suddenly I was running; We were all running, running to where Michael was.

Eventually we came to a big group of people surrounding the boys.

I pushed my way to the front and Ashton caught my shoulders before I launched myself at Michael who was on the floor.


Me, Calum, Ashton and Luke were sat backstage awaiting Michaels return. He had been whisked away to A and E before we could even mutter a word.

All three of them sat rigidly and I was exactly the same.

"Michael!" Luke yelled, as soon as the boy entered the room.

"Don't yell." Ashton began, walking up to Michael. "He's been through enough tonight."

"No, its fine." Michael insisted, sitting down on one of the sofas.

"Michael." Calum mumbled.

Ashton and Luke exchanged looks and then Luke spoke, "Me and Ashton will just go get some beers."

After the boys had left the room Calum spoke again.

"Michael, I'm sorry, you mean so much to me and I realised that scared me so much I thought...I thought-"

"Its okay." Michael replied.

After seeing this, seeing Michael respond well I spoke up. "Are you really okay?" I asked, getting up from seat and walking towards Michael.

I placed my hand on his shoulder but he pushed me off. "No, my hair got set on fucking fire." He growled.

"Michael, I'm...I'm sorry I just wanted to-"

"Well don't."

I looked at Calum for some help but when I got nothing I turned and left. I ran through the corridors ignoring anyone who said my name.

It seemed I was always running these days but that didn't make me stop.


"Nina?" Luke called as he entered the tour bus.

"Please leave." I called back, hiding my tear stained face against the couch.


I felt someone sit next to me but I kept my face hidden.

"No, I'm going to stay with you Nina."

I looked up at Luke's concerned eyes then and I felt myself crumbling.

"I'm going to stay with you." He repeated as he delicately latched his lips onto mine.

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