Chapter Fourteen: hot and ready

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Hearing my door close, especially since I had locked my house and I knew that my parents weren't coming home, has me grabbing whatever I can for a weapon. I wrap my towel around me tight and securely, not wanting to give a free show to this intruder, I creep towards my room, holding my weapon of choice high in the air.

After I'm just outside of my door I flip the lights on before issuing a loud battle cry. Which I swiftly stop as the crazy psycho path is laughing on top of my bed.

Fleur is practically crying from how hard she's laughing, embarrassing me and pissing me off all at the same time. I'm Huffing loudly, making sure she hears as I walk towards my closet, throwing my weapon at her. Which she snatches out of the air.

"Really a plunger, what were you going to do, fling shit at me?" She questions before laughing again.

I give her a scowl before pulling on my usual sleep attire; thigh socks and a baggy too big t-shirt. And when Fleur sees me, the laughing quickly dies down as she takes in my outfit, her eyes raking over my body, leaving a tingling sensation all over my body and skin. Not wanting for her to see my reaction to her burning eyes, I cough before raising my eyebrow at her.

"Why are you inside of my house?"

"Because kitten, someone almost got touched inappropriately, by someone who wasn't me." Her voice lowers an octave giving me chills.

"Yeah well I didn't, and why are you assuming you'll be touching me?" I ask incredulously.

"Because you belong to me." She states.

"I had no idea, I mean Last time I checked ginger was your flavor of the week." I spit

"Awe is somebody jealous?"

"No just explaining why I'm not yours."

As I say this Fleur has gotten up off my bed, and is now walking towards me. Not wanting to be cornered I move away from my closet door and head to my bed moving  around her. But she grabs my wrist, pulling me into her chest.

"Why don't you just admit it?"

Her warm breath blows out over my face, and her lips are temptingly close. Close enough in the way that they sometimes brush up against my own.

"Admit what?" I ask.

Im now leaning into her, hoping that she will lower her head, and kiss me for real. However she instead pulls away. I have to bite my lip to keep from letting out a whimper at the loss of contact between us.

"That your mine?"

I'm about to answer her when I hear a phone ring, and by the sexual music I can tell that it must be one of her fuck buddies. Again this awakens me from my lustful state so I move  away from her. Crawling on top of my bed, ass high in the air as my hips sway. I can't help but feel her hot gaze on my body, making me want to be provocative and sexy.

I hear her murmur something on the phone before a warm hand encases my ankle, I'm slowly pulled to the edge of my bed and am flipped over. Fleur is staring down at me. And damn it if my heart isn't racing at the sight of her. Her sleeveless arms covered in those tattoos. The fact she's wearing tight skinny jeans yet is able to sag and make her look even more breath taking.

She lowers herself down onto her knees so that I can look down at her, she takes one of my thigh sock covered feet, slowly pulling it out before looking me in the eye as she slowly slides one down my leg. The rush of cool air causes my skin to erupt in goose bumps. Her fingers slide up the inner side of my thigh, towards my warming heat, but slowly drag down again, her nails giving a pleasurable pressure and sting.

I bite my lip, as she slowly removes the other sock, again trailing her warm fingers up my inner thigh, before scratching it down slightly as she moves them down slowly.

"Open your legs baby." She whispers her voice is raspy.

Her hands rest on my knees, I keep my eyes on her as I slowly open my legs to her, she who is on her knees right between my legs and is looking me directly in the eye. I release my lower lip from between my teeth. I slowly brush my hand up against my bare neck, rolling my neck. Fleur slowly pushes on my knees as they open before groaning loudly.

"What are you doing to me kitten." Her voice is thick and husky.

I seem to have forgotten my panties, I'm blushing as I hadn't  intentionally been trying to do anything to her. No I'd just gotten dressed in a hurry while she sat on my bed. I quickly close my legs before covering my face with my hands. This wasn't supposed to happen.

"I'm so sorry I don't know what's going on." I say softly

"Hey look at me baby"

She slowly pulls my hands away and is holding my cheeks on her hands.

"Your beautiful, and drive me crazy, I'm just checking to make sure that pathetic bitch didn't leave any bruises or scars."

I nod my head. Allowing her to kiss my cheek and push my legs apart. But as her soft fingers move over my skin, I can't help the small moan that escapes my lips, or the growing ache I feel for her between my legs.

"Fleur" I groan

"Tell me what you want" she says.

Instead of speaking I pull her up, grabbing her face and pulling her lips to my own. When she doesn't move I let out a whine, she laughs at this before finally kissing me back.

Her tongue sweeps at the crack between my lips, before her teeth tease me bottom lip, begging for entrance, which I soon allow, her tongue starts an intricate dance with my own, and a battle for dominance begins. Though quickly she wins, and has pulled me into her lap and switched our positions. Her hands continue exploring, running down my sides to my lower back, before she grabs my ass roughly.

I moan again, tugging on her hair and pushing my hips down,Grinding down on her needing some friction, and some sort of release. She moves us back on the bed before flipping us again so that she can hover over me. Her leg is between mine, thus when she starts her slow torture. Rubbing her leg up and down against me, her lips tracing from my jaw to my neck.

She leaves wet open mouth kisses before finding my spot, and biting and sucking on it.

"Fleur mm" I mumble off as her hands moved, and are now slowly squeezing at my breasts.

I run my hands up and down her back, while my legs wrap around her waist and I start to move my hips in motion with her leg. Groaning she tugs off my shirt before sitting up to look at me.

Embarrassed by my body, I move to cover my breasts and stomach, but Fleur is having none of that as she pins my hands above my head.

"Your beautiful baby."

She lowers her head and gives me a sweet kiss, before moving to kiss in between the valley of my breasts. One of her hands moves back to fondling a breast, before she trails her tongue around my purt nipple, and only when I whine out does she finally take my hard nipple into her mouth. Sucking and pulling at it in her mouth, her leg following the motion against my wet heat, she has me crying out and riding this sinful pleasurable wave she has created. Though she swallows my loud moans, before crawling and holding me to her chest.

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