Chapter Seven: Bed Rest

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I watch from one of the far building windows as Ada drove off, so she had been lying about someone picking her up.  I felt Maggie's hand rubbing my back, but I didn't feel like fucking right now, no I needed to find the fucked up bastards that hurt my Ada. I mean that's what friends do right? Ever since I had been to her house and got to know her, I couldn't help but think of how sweet she was.

She should stay away from me, in fact I had a feeling things might get worse if I was to stay and talk to her. But something or rather someone was demanding that we somehow protected her. Even if that meant giving death glares and threats. People were gullible and easy to fool, even if what they thought were empty threats actually happen to be real.

Shrugging off Maggie I quickly walk away, not caring at the fact that we had a date, I needed to make sure kitten was okay, even if that meant having to postpone getting laid for a couple of hours.

Making my way out to my car I pass a couple of girls after sending them a wink, I hurry, hoping that my memory serves me well as I drive out to take care of my hurt little kitten.

{Ada's POV}

The constant ringing of the doorbell has me throwing my water bottle down, before taking slow, painful steps to the gates monitor. I press call and wait for this annoying fly of a human being to tell me what they want.

"Hey baby, thought I'd come check up on you"

The sound of fleurs alluring accent has my heart skip a beat and for me to reprimand myself for thinking it was someone annoying. But then again she did ring the doorbell like fifty times.

"Um fleur I'm sure you could've don't that  tomorrow or maybe when I come back to shool" I say.

"Yeah well I don't see anyone's car but yours in the drive way, care explaining how that happened, after all your mum was picking you up right?" She asks.

And even though I can't see her I know she has an arched eyebrow and a knowing smirk set on those succulent red lips of hers. And the way she seems to see through me is annoyingly sexy, she was so freaking Hot. If only she would think of me more than some little pity case, and maybe in a more sexual, passionate way, those lips could be against my burning skin.

"Are you still there princess?" Her voice floats through the monitor taking me away from my dirty thoughts.

"Uh yeah, well you can hear I'm fine so bye" I shout before cutting of connection with her.

I start to move away from the door when I hear a light knock on the door, I peek through the peep hole and sigh opening it.

"You are such a rude patient" fleur states before walking in.

"Pretty sure this isn't a hospital" I state. Watching her walk inside as if she owned the place.

"Well I can always put on those slutty nurses outfits, would that help you feel more like a sick person?" She asks.

Turning to look me in the eyes.

The idea of fleur in one of those tight short nurses outfits with the red crosses right over her nipples, and with the cleavage pushed up and tempting revealing of her tatted skin has me salivating.

"I think you have a little something" fleur states.

She walks towards me, slowly stopping inches away from my face she caresses my check before moving to the corner of my moth, her thumb traces my bottom lip, before she's pulling away.

"What did I have" I ask in a daze.

"Oh just a bit of drool" she says winking at me.

I can feel my face heat up like a tomato. She just teased me, I bet she purposefully told me about her wearing a nurses costume to get my blood flowing. Oh and boy was it flowing. I take a step towards her, meaning to get her back before I'm blinded, suddenly  there are to many white dots and I'm falling forward my stomach lurching causing all the little things in my stomach to fumble out of my mouth, and all over myself.

Although I'm embarrassed Im kind of thankful that I didn't Barf on fleur, not wanting to make her despise and maybe even pity me more. She doesn't laugh as she's caught me before I can fall on my face and into my puke, no instead she's picking me up and asking for directions to my bathroom. Once entering the queen worthy bathroom and placing me on the counter, she starts to take off my clothes. My eyes widen, and I'm frightened that they might fall out of my head, what the hell is she doing?

"I don't think you'll feel comfortable in your own, well puke" she says eyeing my mess.

Shit I really need to get my head out of the gutter, really why else would she undress me? Cause she wants to have wild kinky sex in the bathtub, the idea of having sex causes me to blush and my nipples harden, which makes everything ten times more awkward when my shirt and bra come off. Though her eyes never stray from mine, if they did she would know just how easily she affected me.

"I'm going to turn around I want you to get in the bath okay?" She says slowly

Even though her eyes hold amusement I nod before doing as she asks while her back is to me. I slip into the hot water before clearing my throat so she knows she's okay to face me.

"You don't have to sta-"

"I think we've establish that I'm staying to take care of you, but I'd love to see you try and protest again, so go ahead." She says. Arching an eyebrow challenging me.

I roll my eyes, even though it causes me slight discomfort I know when I've lost the battle, but I would be better prepared for the war, I promise you.

~ ~ ~

"Fleur you really didn't need to do this" I shriek.

She's standing with me in her arms, her hands moving to rub the towel all over my wet body. The fact that she doesn't seem to be affected is even worse. Her hands are slow and warm, I can feel the heat through the cloth, and she's moving those hands so tortuously slow, making sure to get every wet piece of skin. If she keeps things up, she's going to have more than a wet body.

But a very horny lustful me. Her eyes are guarded but the way she's biting her lip has me breathing heavy. If only I didn't have a towel wrapped around me. Then I would be able to feel those soft looking hands touch my skin, and maybe the would move over my hips and grab my ass while her mouth covered my own. And maybe after pulling me impossibly closer, she would rub those sinful hands over my bare breasts, teasing my nipples with that sinful tongue.

"Ada are you okay" her Australian accent is thick as she looks over my body and then up at my eyes.

"Yeah, fine." Fine enough to understand i want you touching me in a more naughty way, I think.

She looks at me for a moment before nodding, taking me back into her arms she asks me where my room is. After finding it she again asks to where my pajamas are before helping me dress, though not putting me into my under things like I had been hoping. She'd let me do that by myself.

After tucking me into bed, while she sat down at the chair that was in the corner of my bedroom.

"Go ahead and sleep, I'll watch over you baby" she says.

Just as I drift off to sleep.

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