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Lesbian fucking by VarmonyMoore
Lesbian fuckingby Varmony Moore
This is literally the title. Lesbian fucking. So if you're uncomfortable with that, feel free to leave. 😌
Tentacles attack on my feet. by malefeetticklee
Tentacles attack on my malefeetticklee
One summer evening, I meet a strange visitor. While he looks menacing at the beginning, we find out we both love tickling my feet!
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha (Book 1) by guitarfreak8810
My Greek Teacher Is An Alpha ( Emma
Aimee Voltaire thinks she's an average teenager when the truth is... well, she's just not! Her parents put her up for adoption when she was a baby, and as she's grown up...
Lamia Underfell Sans x Explorer Reader (A Love Story Eventually) by comicmaker12
Lamia Underfell Sans x Explorer Comicmaker12
Comicmaker12 from Wattpad (FINISHED) Your an new experiment but when they dumped you somewhere, you came in an area where you may not want to be. Read lamia underfell sa...
Hiccups Birthday! by NightFury2011
Hiccups Birthday!by NightFury2011
All started with Hiccups birthday
More Finger Goodness by SentientGrill
More Finger Goodnessby SentientGrill
Guy adds another finger. Girl is pleased. ATTENTION: this story will exceed your expectations. And, yes. Its like what you think it is.
VECNUSSY, tess x vecna by nattierattie
VECNUSSY, tess x vecnaby divi and esme r bullies
a fab book written by ur fav about vecna and tess
Xenomorph by Manga_bird
Xenomorphby Manga_bird
Gavin arrived at his brother's house for a visit, but the house seemed empty. When he got to the pool, he found wasn't as empty as he thought. What is this tiny creature...
British boy | a dnf story by mei0deyy
British boy | a dnf storyby mel
george surprises dream by visiting him in florida, which lead to a bunch of surprises...
Locker Room Debauchery  by Neosolma
Locker Room Debauchery by Theo
Stories from the Diva locker room and what they do when they're not wrestling professionally.
Being her first woman by barbielesb
Being her first womanby Barbie
"Are you sure about it?", her voice is husky, filled with lust just like her eyes as they roam my body. I can't help but shake in need for her touch and nod...
Ice Creams and Idiots by WildRhov
Ice Creams and Idiotsby Rhov
Gray gives Natsu an ice cream to shut up his hungry whining. Watching it drip all over Natsu's hand is almost too much for the ice mage.
Adventures of Tommy Thompson by Redkneesocks
Adventures of Tommy Thompsonby Redkneesocks
This 'book' is about my OC, whose name is Tommy, Tommy Thompson. He's a talented 10 years old model boy, whose life is full of adventures and fun! Remark: These are my a...
💦😏 A Night with Freddy 😏💦 by freakyroboticheryl
💦😏 A Night with Freddy 😏💦by Cheryl 💋💦
Censored version of "A Night with Freddy" by Cheryl 💋💦
Lollipop {Shizuo X Izaya}{BoyXBoy} by PandaScop
Lollipop {Shizuo X Izaya}{BoyXBoy}by PandaScop
So there's this thing that Izaya do with lollipop and Shizuo doesn't like it one bit.
Slaves' stuff (Hero x Harry Tickle) by Cinccino666
Slaves' stuff (Hero x Harry Tickle)by Cinccino666
After Prince Harry gets kidnapped, the Hero tries to save him but by doing this, the Hero loses his father that gets killed by a horrible demon, this last kidnaps the He...
Can You Love me? by BENs_Wife14
Can You Love me?by Aymie
"J-Jeff," I whispered. "Yeah BEN?" He looked over at me shyly. "How do you tell somebody you love them?" I asked hesitantly. "I guess...
Cuddling a ghost by KingFranPetty
Cuddling a ghostby KingFranPetty
King Boo pretends to be Princess Daisy as to cuddle with Luigi You kids asked for more King Boo x Luigi
Steve-- and a hole. by DemonExploshi
Steve-- and a Big Gay
Steve, a cunning young boy has a friend. A very nice friend. His name a Montesquieu, and the have unrequited love. Can Steve get Montesquieu to love him?