Chapter Eight: Getting Wet

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Warm hands ran over my breasts while a moist mouth kisses directly under my belly button. A soft moan could be heard throughout the empty house. It only grows louder as soon a moist, wet tongue flicks against the sensitive skin, causing goosebumps to rise on the bare skin as a warm breeze blows over the wet trail.

Opening my eyes, I feel myself blush at the thought that I might have just had a wet dream about someone, when I look over my right shoulder on my bay window, I see a sexy fleur whose wearing nothing but a white button down t-shirt. All the buttons are unbuttoned and you can see her white creamy flesh adorned in tattoos, it's mouth watering. She slowly turns away from the window, giving me a sultry look. She bites down on her lip as she gets up and stalks towards me, like a predator approaching its prey. She stops just at the end of my bed. Her finger traces a light pattern on my white comforter, as she slowly places a knee by my bare foot.

She crawls up the bed, with a heated look in her eyes while one of her hand traces up my bare thigh, stopping at the edge of my lacy underwear. I suck in a breath through my teeth as her eyes scan slowly over my body. I slightly push my ass down into the comforter, trying to get away from her soft tempting fingers, but nothing happens.

"Fleur?" I ask but it comes out breathy and husky.

"Mm yes baby?" She asks.

She's now tracing light circle patterns against my stomach, though her fingers move up and under my breast, my nipples are taught. I know she can see that through my thin tank top, she bites her lip, before slowly brushing her warm thumb over my nipple. A low moan builds in my throat, she does it again when I move my head back muling when she does it again.

"Fuck baby" she groans.

I feel her straddle one of my legs, bringing her heat down on my thigh and rubbing herself with assistance from me. At the sight of her rolling her hips I can't help but reach out and bring her head down, so that her lips are on my own.

The sweetness that floods my mouth had me sighing as she nips at my bottom lip, sucking it in between her teeth before letting it go. I don't like the separation of our mouths so I tangle my fingers tightly in her short hair and bring her back down, this time licking at her lips, she groans again, this time opening her mouth to me. We fight for dominance but she easily wins, slowly rubbing herself over my thigh, I move so I'm pushed up hard against her.

She sucks in a breath before kissing down my cheeks to my jaw, slowly down to my neck and starts to leave soft wet kisses. My head stars up as she continues down my chest, before she's moving my tank top up and over my hard nipples, releasing them from their confines. I suddenly feel shy moving to cover them when she grabs my wrist and pushes them down on the bed.

She again starts leaving wet sloppy kisses against my bare neck, and in between the
Valley of my breasts. Though she stops right in the middle before moving to the side, her tongue flicks against my pebbled nipple, teasing me.

"Fleur" I whine.

She laughs against my skin before simply breathing against my boobs. I start to wiggle trying to get her lips to brush against me, finally I push hard against her heat, rubbing her slowly, when she starts to move with me, I stop.

She growls before capturing my nipple within her heated and moist mouth, causing me to cry out her name and start to move again. After she does this with the other breast showing them both some very needed attention she starts to kiss further down my stomach, and toward my soaking heat.

"Please Fluer please" I beg as she stops at the top of my panties.

She sends me a wink when suddenly someone is calling me and I feel a very warm substance against my cheek. Opening my eyes slowly, I can see Fleur standing over me, with her clothes on, looking at me worried and slightly flushed. I blink the sleep from my eyes, realizing that I did indeed had a wet dream.

But the fact that I had a wet dream with the person inside the same room as me was so embarrassing. I prayed that she didn't hear me moaning her name, not sure of I'd live down the humility.

"Are you alright" Fleur asks.

Her voice is low and raspy, as if she had just committed some sinfully wrong sexual act.

"Uh yeah, sorry I had a graphic dream" I whisper stumbling over my sentence.

"Really want to tell me about it?" She asks as she dabs at my forehead with a cold rag, her warm breath brushing against my face in a warm caress.

The image of Fleur in only a white button down showing off her very sexy predator womanly body. I shake my head vigorously.

"I don't think you want me to" I say giving out an awkward laugh.

"I'm pretty sure I do kitten" her voice is low and I'm certain I didn't hear that right.

"What?" I ask looking into her eyes.

Her eyes are dark and clouded with a swirling emotion, one that I'm not familiar with.

"So can I make you some soup?" she asks softly, completely ignoring my previous question.

"I'm bruised not sick, let's have Chinese" I say asking eagerly.

She grins at me before kissing my cheek.

"Whatever you want princess" she slowly wiped another cool rag across my cheek before backing away and walking towards the door.

I watch as her hips sway from side to side she stops when she gets to my door, she glances over her shoulder once, catching my eye she winks before making her way downstairs.

Yes most definitely a body made for seduction, I shiver again.

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